GlobeCore / Electromagnetic mill / GlobeCore extends invitation to the Aquatech-2019

GlobeCore extends invitation to the Aquatech-2019

GlobeCore invites all businesses and parties interested in the implementation of innovative technologies in the wastewater treatment processes to the Aquatech-2019.

This event be hosted by Europaplein, Amsterdam on 5-8 November. The exhibition focuses on process, drinking and waste water.

GlobeCore will be represented by the wastewater treatment complex with a vortex layer apparatus of ferromagnetic particles. You can see this complex and speak with our specialists at booth 11.103.

Electromagnetic vortex layer devices can be efficiently used in wastewater chemical treatment processes to recycle wastewater for repeated use in the facility without dumping the water into external water bodies. The devices are used in wastewater treatment facilities to enhance the following processes:

  • reduction of hexavalent chrome (Cr+6) to trivalent chrome (Cr+3);
  • sedimentation of heavy metals (Cr+3, nickel, zinc, lead, copper, cobalt, iron, manganese etc);
  • neutralization of acidic-basic wastewater;
  • oxidation of phenol, cyan and petrochemical substances.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Aquatech-2019! More details –


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