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GlobeCore Participates in Offshore Technology Conference-2019

The largest conference and expo in the field of oil and gas technologies was held in Houston, Texas on 6 – 9 May this year.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this year’s Conference was attended by 2500 companies from 110 countries. GlobeCore took the opportunity to present our technologies and see the products and developments by other exhibitors.

Specifically, all visitors were able to see the CMM-0.6 Clean Marine unit for offshore applications, designed for purification of electrical insulating oils with vibrations, salt water and ship pitching in mind. With the rugged design, the machine can be used on vessels, offshore rigs and on shore.

The other presented product was the drilling mud preparation system based on the AVS ferromagnetic vortex layer units. These systems make is possible to produce high quality drilling mud in one stage, reducing power consumption and process duration.

Beside presenting own products, the representatives of GlobeCore were able to speak with their counterparts to gain experience and knowledge regarding the future of the industry. This knowledge will come to fruition in the development and marketing of new efficient equipment.


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