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Three AVS-100 machines commissioned in China

The ferromagnetic vortex layer devices are applied for intensification and improving efficiency of wastewater purification.

One of the latest orders for this equipment was filled by GlobeCore for a large factory in China. Three AVS-100 units are already operated in China, in cyanide and fluoride removal from wastewater.

In the case of two stage chemical neutralization of wastewater with simple and complex cyanides, cyanides are first oxidized to cyanates at pH 10-11.5, then the latter are hydrolyzed to nitrogen and carbon dioxide at pH 7-7.5. The process is performed in batches. The decontamination agent is sodium hydrochloride.

The implementation of vortex layer units makes it possible to complete decontamination in one pass at рН 9-10. Oxidizer consumption (chlorinated lime, sodium or potassium hypochlorites) constitutes 110% of the theoretically required amount. The alkaline agents used are soda solution or a Ca(OH)2 suspension in water. With the initial content of cyan ions at 8000 mg/l, the number drops after the purification to 0.12 mg/liter, from 4320 the amount is reduced to 0.02 mg/l and to 0.002 mg/l from 50.

Using the vortex layer devices also improves efficiency of fluoride removal. Removal of fluorine and converting phosphates into insoluble compounds occurs in one stage. The content of fluorine in purified wastewater in optimal conditions (рН 10-11) does not exceed 1.5 mg/l, while the phosphates are absent. The commonly used reagent is lime with 5-10% excess of CaO.


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