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Сommissioning of transformer oil processing equipment in Sri Lanka

In February 2024, GlobeCore completed a project in Sri Lanka as part of which two transformer oil reclamation and processing plants were commissioned in one go: CMM-12R and CMMu-2.

The factors that made it happen include the professional contribution of service engineer Jose Mora who performed commissioning of the equipment and training of the operating personnel, as well as the coordinated work of GlobeCore team that implemented the equipment development and production.

The CMM-12R plant allows restoring the used transformer oil to as good as new condition and extending its service life. The regeneration process includes removal of decomposition products, clarification of oil, and enhancement of oxidative stability. Another plant — CMMu-2 — allows preliminary drying and degassing of oil before regeneration if required.

The advantage of the СMM-12R plant is the regeneration-related use of 12 columns containing the Fuller’s earth sorbent which can be regenerated up to 500 times. This makes it possible to ensure continuous processing of oil without the need to stop for purchase and change of sorbent while considerably reducing the operating costs.

Another feature of СMM-12R is the ability to regenerate insulating oils directly in the online transformer. Regeneration of oil at the transformer operation site makes it possible not only to completely restore its operational properties, but also to dissolve the deposition on the windings insulation and remove it by means of a sorbent.

In addition, the plant is equipped with a comfortable operator’s cabin including an air conditioning system and a personal computer which makes the process management not only efficient, but also convenient.

GlobeCore is thankful to its partners from Sri Lanka for their trust and looking forward to fruitful cooperation in the future.