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2022 Full-year Results: which GlobeCore equipment was the most popular

Among the instruments, TOR-80 holds the top spot, and among the units, so does CMM series.

In 2022, owners and users of electrical equipment were primarily looking for GlobeCore instruments to analyze transformer oil parameters. Thus, TOR-80 became the absolute leader in sales to various countries in the world. This is a fully automatic device designed to determine the electrical breakdown voltage of transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics in accordance with IEC 60156, ASTM D877, ASTM D1816. Other instruments from the series, including TOR-3, TOR-2, and TOR-1 are popular as well. All of these are relatively new developments of recent years.

On the other hand, classic items are always in fashion, such as GlobeCore units of СMM range. This equipment developed in the 2000s constantly undergoes improvements. Furthermore, adjustments are made to the units upon requests of customers. Among CMM family, CMM-4D unit remains the bestseller in 2022. This is a versatile unit for purification of insulating oil by removing the mechanical impurities, water, and gases.

In addition to instruments and units, the company supplies customers with individual components and parts. In this regard, mills and trailers for mobile units of various types are leaders in sales.

In 2022, GlobeCore has increased the number of local dealers on different continents, in all the leading countries of the world. The newly concluded contracts will allow the company to maintain its marketplace position in 2023 as well.