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GlоbeCore’s Invitation to IEEE PES T&D 2024

GlobeCore invites all our partners to attend the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2024), taking place on May 6-9 in Anaheim. IEEE PES T&D is a leading forum in the energy industry. This year, the conference expects over 9800 visitors to discuss industry trends and the future. Among them will beRead More

Webinar: On-site Transformer Oil Regeneration and Oil Analysis

Dear associates, GlobeCore continues its Tech School series of webinars, as part of which the matters related to efficient maintenance of transformers are discussed.   The next webinar titled “On-site Transformer Oil Regeneration and Oil Analysis” will be held on March 28, 2024 at 11:00 am GMT+2. During this event, you will have the opportunity toRead More

Сommissioning of transformer oil processing equipment in Sri Lanka

In February 2024, GlobeCore completed a project in Sri Lanka as part of which two transformer oil reclamation and processing plants were commissioned in one go: CMM-12R and CMMu-2. The factors that made it happen include the professional contribution of service engineer Jose Mora who performed commissioning of the equipment and training of the operatingRead More

GlobeCore in the press: Removal of hexavalent chromium from wastewater (Chemical Industry Journal)

The Chemical Industry Journal, a British magazine, has published an article “Efficient treatment of hexavalent chromium-containing wastewater” by the authors including GlobeCore company founders Stanislav Mykytenko and Oleh Kryvokhyzha, as well as design engineer Andrii Laptiev. The article discusses a new approach to treatment of hexavalent chromium-containing wastewater with the use of AVS vortex layerRead More

Free Webinar: Vacuum oven and Low frequency heating system: theory and practice

Mark your calendars for January 25, 2024, as GlobeCore continues its GlobeCore Tech School series with a new webinar. The forthcoming webinar is titled “Vacuum Ovens and Low-Frequency Heating: Theory and Practice.” This session is designed to delve into the intricacies and practical aspects of utilizing vacuum ovens and low-frequency heating systems in transformer maintenance.Read More

Another project for regenerating transformer oil in Eastern Ukraine

The GlobeCore team recently successfully completed an important project for regenerating transformer oil in Eastern Ukraine. To implement it, the CMM-6RL, CMM-1CF, and CMM-1LT units were used, which ensured efficient purification and restoration of the oil, as well as TOR-3 and TOR-80 devices for quality control of the oil after processing. The CMM-1CF unit facilitatedRead More

Another Launch – GlobeCore’s Equipment Operational in the Netherlands

In July 2023, GlobeCore successfully launched the CMM 6/7 degassing unit at Siemens Energy B.V. in the Netherlands. This project was implemented with the participation of Wolfgang Seifert, GlobeCore‘s representative in Germany. The CMM-6/7 unit provides efficient oil processing with a performance range of up to 6 m³/hour for degassing, drying, and filtration modes, andRead More

GlobeCore equipment presented at the FISE international exhibition 2023

In November 2023, technical specialists from GlobeCore participated in the prestigious international FISE exhibition held in Medellín, Colombia. This event in the electrical engineering industry brought together over 3,000 participants, including representatives from both government and international companies. The exhibition served as a platform for exchanging innovations and establishing cooperation, gathering professionals from countries suchRead More

United in Innovation: GlobeCore & Dasotec at My Transfo 2023

We’re proud to tell about our participation at My Transfo 2023, the foremost European conference for the transformer service industry. This collaboration took place hand in hand with our distinguished Italian partner, Dasotec. The event, which occurred in Turin on October 3-4, solidified its reputation as the gold benchmark in industry meet-ups of its kind.Read More

GlobeCore in the press: Monitoring, diagnostics, and drying of transformer oil online (Transformers Magazine)

GlobeCore is presented a detailed article featured in the Transformers Magazine, a leading publication dedicated to the field of transformers. The article, titled “Monitoring, diagnostics, and drying of transformer oil online,” is authored by industry experts from our team – Stanislav Mykytenko, Oleg Kryvokhyzha, Oleksandr Pievniev, and Maxim Ganzha. The article delves into the nuancesRead More

GlobeCore in the press: Wastewater Treatment in Electroplating Industries (Water & Wastewater Asia)

In September 2023, a new issue of the “Water & Wastewater Asia” magazine was released, supported by the Singapore Water Association. Highlighting wastewater treatment, the magazine featured an article by Oksana Mazur, the project manager at GlobeCore. The publication “Improving Wastewater Treatment in Electroplating Industries” discusses the company’s advancements in this field. The article delvesRead More

GlobeCore's dealer participates in Analytica Lab Africa 2023

GlobeCore’s dealer participates in Analytica Lab Africa 2023

From July 5 to 7, GlobeCore‘s dealer Total Analytical Solutions participated in the Analytica Lab Africa 2023 exhibition, held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The exhibition consistently draws exhibitors from various nations who introduce their latest products, technologies, and services. GlobeCore‘s dealer succeeded in establishing contacts with trade visitors from the industry, research, and scientific sectors.Read More

Representatives of Ukrainian energy companies visited GlobeCore factory

On the 21st of June, the GlobeCore company traditionally hosted guests. This time our factory was visited by representatives from several Ukrainian energy companies. During the visit, the guests were demonstrated industrial models of CMM-4LT and CMM-6RL units, which are designed for thermal vacuum drying and regeneration of transformer oil respectively. The units processed theRead More

GlobeCore at the 2023 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting in the USA

GlobeCore company representatives attended the AEMA-ARRA-ISSA annual meeting in Arizona, USA, which was organized by the Asphalt Emulsion Manufactures Association (AEMA) in March. As part of the meeting, modern technologies in the field of road construction and repair were presented at the conference exhibition. The main trends in this field were discussed too. The GlobeCoreRead More

GlobeCore in the press: Transformer monitoring system TOR-5 (Electronic City Magazine)

The article, published in the March issue, delves into the capabilities of the TOR-5 system and its crucial role in transformer diagnostics and oil analysis. The TOR-5 system, designed by GlobeCore, enables online diagnostics of transformers, providing real-time monitoring and identification of various equipment malfunctions. Additionally, the TOR-5 system offers the advantage of performing onlineRead More

GlobeCore company helped Ukrzaliznytsia railroad company in Ukraine

Railway company executives have ordered the transformer oil regeneration at one of their traction substations in the Lviv region from the GlobeCore company. Four GlobeCore specialists have taken care of the transformer by mean of three units for several days. This is about two СММ-6RL units and one CMM-1CF one. CMM-6RL units were developed byRead More

2022 Full-year Results: which GlobeCore equipment was the most popular

Among the instruments, TOR-80 holds the top spot, and among the units, so does CMM series. In 2022, owners and users of electrical equipment were primarily looking for GlobeCore instruments to analyze transformer oil parameters. Thus, TOR-80 became the absolute leader in sales to various countries in the world. This is a fully automatic deviceRead More

GlobeCore has put its equipment into operation in the USA

The expansion of presence at the US market is one of the most important GlobeCore goals. Our company benefits from a competitive price and the technical ability to modernize plants and units in accordance with the wishes of customers. GlobeCore US has recently completed two export agreements for the CMM-6/7 and CMM-10 units. They wereRead More

GlobeCore in the press: Transformer condition express diagnostics (Electronic City Magazine)

In the November issue of Electronic City Magazine (2022), an article about GlobeCore’s TOR-2 device was published. The article discusses the express diagnostics of insulation oil, specifically its examination for hydrogen content using GlobeCore‘s equipment, including the TOR-2 model. By analyzing insulation oils, the TOR-2 enables the rapid identification of issues in transformers. This facilitatesRead More

GlobeCore attended a prestigious conference in the USA

The event was attended by nearly 500 players of the electronics and electrical engineering market including both scientists and practitioners. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) hosted the annual conference of the IEEE PES TRANSFORMERS COMMITTEE. This time, the event took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. GlobeCore was represented by Dave Wilson fromRead More

GlobeCore at the International Conference IEEE EIC-2022

From June 19 to June 23, 2022, the prestigious IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference was held in Knoxville (Tennessee, USA). This event is held annually and gathers leading scientists and practitioners of the electric power industry. GlobeCore company representatives participate in the conference for the second year in a row. In particular, the results of theRead More

GlobeCore webinars were held on the topic “Continuous Drying of Energized Transformer Insulation”

On May 11-12, GlobeCore webinars were held on the topic “Continuous Drying of Energized Transformer Insulation” in different languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese and French.  There were about 300 participants in total. Moisture and water are tremendous, unfavorable and even dangerous factors affecting the deterioration of power equipment operation. That is why we decidedRead More

GlobeCore Equipment Launch in Peru

GlobeCore technicians launched the CMM-4/7 unit in March. The launch was carried out near the city of Lima (Peru). CMM-4/7 unit is an indispensable equipment for almost any energy company. This is due to the wide range of functions that this unit has and which are used in the maintenance of transformers. So, with theRead More

Webinar “Continuous Drying of Energized Transformer Insulation”

Dear Colleagues! GlobeCore continues its Tech School webinar series to discuss efficient maintenance and repair of transformers. The next webinar will be held on May 11-12, 2022 and is called “Continuous Drying of Energized Transformer Insulation”. The main questions of webinar are: ways of getting water into the transformer; insulation paper properties; equilibrium curves forRead More

GlobeCore equipment presented at the FISE international exhibition

From April 5 to April 7, 2022, the FISE international exhibition was held in the city of Medellin (Colombia). FISE is one of the largest electrical exhibitions in Latin America, held biannually and gathering representatives from dozens of countries. This year, our partner company Macsint participated in the exhibition, which, among other things, presented theRead More

GlobeCore at an electrical seminar in Mexico

On April 1st in Hermosillo (Mexico) an electrical seminar on the topic of transformer maintenance was held, which was organized by GlobeCore in cooperation with Dymelec. GlobeCore representative José Mora made a presentation at the seminar. He presented our company’s experience in applying oil treatment equipment throughout the life of transformers. The seminar was attendedRead More

Webinar “Vacuum ovens. Low-frequency heating”

Dear associates. GlobeCore continues its Tech School series of webinars as part of which the matters related to efficient maintenance and repair of transformers are discussed.   The next webinar titled “Vacuum ovens. Low-frequency heating” will be held on November 24-25, 2021. The key matters of the webinar: causes of decomposition of cellulose insulation in transformers;Read More

New webinar “Ultrafine milling in the food industry”

Dear associates. On November 17–18, 2021, another webinar titled “Ultrafine Milling in the Food Industry” will be held as part of GlobeCore Tech School. During the webinar, the following matters will be considered: general principles of grinding; requirements put forward to food mills; colloid mill as one of the most efficient grinders for the foodRead More

GlobeCore equipment launch in Turkey

From October 17 to October 23, 2021, GlobeCore engineers were visiting Dargeçit (Turkey) where they held another equipment launch. As a result, СMM-8.0 unit became completely operable in Turkey. The main purpose of this unit is purification, drying, and degassing of electrical insulating and lubricating oils. In degassing, drying, and filtration mode, the equipment operatesRead More

Webinar “New applications of bitumen emulsions”

The durability of roads depends on the quality of the materials used for road construction. GlobeCore is organizing a free webinar for all engineers and technicians to discuss the new methods of production and use of bitumen emulsion for maintenance and construction of roads. This event is totally free, and we hope it will expandRead More

Webinar “Dielectric Oil Regeneration: An In-Depth Look”

Dear associates. You are invited to participate in another free-of-charge GlobeCore webinar themed as “Dielectric Oil Regeneration: An In-Depth Look” that will be held on October 12–13, 2021. During this webinar, we will discuss the following matters:   causes of transformer oil oxidation and aging;   ways to slow down transformer oil aging;   technologyRead More

GlobeCore Helped the North Macedonia with Toxic Wastewater

Our company has been engaged in solving the ecological catastrophe with toxic waste of the post Yugoslavian plant “Jugohrom” in the Egunovets сity, located in the North Macedonia. There had been formed terrifying lakes of drainage water, which were traces of the activities of the local plant for the production of chromium. The Jugohrom plantRead More

GlobeCore equipment was represented at the international electrical engineering exhibition in Italy

On September 22–23, 2021, COILTECH 2021, a specialized international exhibition, was held in Pordenone (Italy). COILTECH is the largest event in the field of materials, machinery, and equipment for production and maintenance of electric motors, generators, transformers, and electromagnetic coils. This year, the exhibition was attended by DASOTEC S.r.l., an exclusive dealer of GlobeCore inRead More

Webinar “Wind Turbine Maintenance”

On September 29, 2021, another webinar titled “Wind Turbine Maintenance” will be held as part of GlobeCore Tech School program. During the webinar, the following matters will be considered: Problem of oil change in wind turbine gearboxes and ways to solve it. New approaches to online diagnostic evaluation of insulating oil in step-up transformers ofRead More


Webinar “Production of Modified Bitumen: the Modern Approach”

Dear associates! You are invited to participate in another free GlobeCore webinar themed as “Production of Modified Bitumen: the Modern Approach” which will take place on July 21–22, 2021. At this webinar, we will discuss the following matters: advantages and special features of using modified bitumen; technical specifications and quality of road bitumen; technology andRead More


Launch of GlobeCore equipment in Ecuador

In April 2021, GlobeCore service representative Jose Mora visited Ecuador where he held another launch of equipment. GlobeCore provides comprehensive power transformer maintenance solutions. Therefore, this time, our partner purchased several items of equipment at once: TOR-80 instrument; СММ-4/7 unit; TSS (Transformer Security System). TOR-80 is a compact and convenient instrument for measuring the breakdownRead More


GlobeCore at a seminar in Mexico

On March 26, 2021, a seminar was held on Analysis of Dielectric Oils in Hermosillo (Mexico). The seminar was organized by Dymelec SA de CV. Fifty participants attended it, including the representatives from CFE, the largest power transmission company of Mexico, and GlobeCore represented by Jose Mora. The following matters were discussed during the seminar:Read More

Webinar “BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement”

On March 30–31, another webinar will be held under the title “BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement” as part of GlobeCore Tech School program. During the webinar, the following matters will be considered: standards for determining the breakdown voltage; how an oil breakdown occurs in the transformer; how to take samples correctly; whatRead More

New instruments for transformer oil testing

It is important not only to purify or regenerate transformer oil, but also to do it on time, so that it could be used as long as possible. For this purpose, the periodic monitoring is carried out of important oil parameters: breakdown voltage, moisture content, dielectric loss tangent, acid number, etc. The results obtained makeRead More

Launching of the GlobeCore equipment in Jordan

The GlobeCore engineering experts were out in Amman (Jordan) from February 1st to 5th. The CMM-1 unit was placed  into operation here. This equipment is used by the  companies that service transformers. The main purpose of the CMM-1 unit is the complex purification of transformer oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases with a capacityRead More

Technical Meeting in Guatemala

In the end of October 2020 the service engineer of GlobeCore company Jose Mora visited the city of Guatemala at the invitation of one of the transmission energy companies. The purpose of the trip was  holding a technical meeting to exchange experiences and discuss important issues on the topic of transformer maintenance. In particular, thereRead More

New! Oil Heater PPM-200/5

GlobeCore company launched the production of new heaters for industrial oils PPM-200/5.  This equipment can be used to heat thermal, industrial, turbine, transformer and other types of oils with a moisture content of no more than 100 ppm. The main difference of this model is the maximum heating temperature 250 °C (482 °F). Three-stage heatingRead More

GlobeCore Equipment Launch in Greece

GlobeCore equipment was launched in Athens (Greece) from 3rd to 9th October 2020. There were introduced two facilities: CMM-10 unit for filtration, drying and degassing of electrical insulating oil, and also for transformer vacuuming. СММ-12R plant for used electrical insulating oils regeneration by way of their reuse in transformers, high voltage circuit breaker and otherRead More

GlobeCore invites participants to the transformer oil regeneration webinar

Webinar: Transformer Oil Regeneration. Part 1. Theoretical aspects We will introduce the following subtopics: Regulations around dielectric oil regeneration processes. Oil parameters related to the regeneration of dielectric oil. Dielectric oil acidity. Costs associated with the regeneration of dielectric oil. Procedures and scope for oil regeneration. Date: Thursday 10 September English: 10:00 AM GMT +3Read More

Production of Repellents to Combat Malaria

Production of Repellents to Combat Malaria

Malaria is a life-threatening disease, transmitted by insect bites, specifically, by infected Anopheles mosquito females. Without treatment, this illness can have grave consequences, including death. The rate of malaria spread makes it one of the worst threats humanity faces. What makes malaria dangerous 228 million people contracted malaria in 2018; nearly 405,000 people died ofRead More

Wastewater Treatment Complex

Hospital Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater from hospitals can contain traces of anything from viruses and multi-resistant bacteria to medical contrast agents and chemicals for cancer treatment. Small amounts of hormone-disrupting substances and other medicine residues are also part of the mix that passes from patients through hospital toilets and into public sewer systems. According to the World health OrganizationRead More

Making Machine

Industrial Disinfectant Making Machine

Antiseptic production as a business The strains of microorganisms constantly mutate. New viruses and bacteria appear, and it is better to prevent the disease than try to cure it later. This is why the market for hand and surface treatment antiseptics will grow, remaining a promising business. The use of antiseptics in the developing countriesRead More

GlobeCore’s Invitation to IEEE PES T&D 2020

GlobeCore would like to invite all our partners to attend IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2020), to be held on 20-23 April in Chicago. IEEE PES T&D is one of the most prominent forums in the energy industry.  This year, IEEE PES T&D expects over 14000 visitors to discuss industry trendsRead More

Here is a chance to meet GlobeCore experts in Mexico

GlobeCore experts are scheduled to meet with Mexico’s electrical energy industry professionals on 25 February to 6 March.  The meetings will be centered around the modern technologies and equipment for transformer preventive maintenance and life extension. If this topic is of interest to you, you can meet our experts and have your questions answered. VisitRead More

Globecore Participates in a Vital Project in North Macedonia

For the first time, The Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of North Macedonia is involving private companies to help find a solution to the problem of removing hexavalent chromium from the local waste dump. For the last four decades, more than 2 million tons of waste, generated by Jugochrom factory, were simply stored withRead More

Commissioning of Blended Fuel Production Machine in Ecuador

Another GlobeCore machine was commissioned on 13-17 January in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This time our engineers commissioned a 10 cubic meter per hour USB fuel blending machine. The problem of atmospheric pollution is important for Ecuador, and the government is increasing environmental protection measures and standards. A complete transition to alternative fuels requires a comprehensive upgradeRead More


GlobeCore in the Media: Clean Energy Magazine

The first issue of Clean Energy Magazine in 2020 (January/February) publishes an article by GlobeCore service Engineer Frank May.  The article, titled The Ultimate Recycling Process: Regenerating Transformer Oil So It’s Good As New, is dedicated to the issue of correct handling of used transformer oil. The article describes some of the existing methods ofRead More

GlobeCore At Electric Power Exhibition in Colombia

On 4-6 December, GlobeCore representatives took part in the FISE-2019 international exhibition in Medellin, Colombia. The exhibition made possible a fruitful dialogue with the colleagues from Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Salvador, Bolivia and other countries. Visitors had an opportunity to see the UVR-L laboratory scale oil regeneration machine. The UVR-L is a compactRead More

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear partners! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank You all for your work that You have done this year. You gave us the most complex tasks, due to which new models of equipment for power engineers and road workers appeared on the market. We wouldn’t do it without you. Together we held dozens ofRead More

GlobeCore at Aquatech-2019

Amsterdam hosted the largest water resources convention in the world, Aquatech-2019 on November 5-8. This year’s exhibition gathered participants from more than 147 countries, while the number of specialists attending, including the participants, exceeded 27000. GlobeCore presented one of the latest developments, a wastewater purification complex based on the vortex layer ferromagnetic layer machine. ThisRead More

GlobeCore at International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition-2019

GlobeCore participated in International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition-2019, the largest expo in North America. The event took place at Kentucky Exposition Center (Louisville, KY) on 1 – 3 October 2019. The exhibition brings together specialists from the construction and utility businesses. Our company presented two exhibits: the СММ-G machine for quick replacement of oilRead More

GlobeCore Participates in a Technology Seminar in Mexico

The seminar, titled Electrical Testing of Transformers and Insulation Fluid Diagnostic Methods, was held in Mexicali, Mexico, on 31 October – 1 November 2019. The event was attended by about 70 representatives of the Mexican electrical power industry. The program of the seminar included the discussion of regular tests for distribution and power transformer, dissolvedRead More

GlobeCore extends invitation to the Aquatech-2019

GlobeCore invites all businesses and parties interested in the implementation of innovative technologies in the wastewater treatment processes to the Aquatech-2019. This event be hosted by Europaplein, Amsterdam on 5-8 November. The exhibition focuses on process, drinking and waste water. GlobeCore will be represented by the wastewater treatment complex with a vortex layer apparatus ofRead More

A Technology Seminar in Mexico

Dear partners! We invite you to attend a technology seminar titled “Transformer electrical testing and insulation fluid diagnostics” with the participation of GlobeCore experts. When? 31 October – 1 November 2019. The event begins at 8:00 Where? Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico How to apply for participation? Send an email to [email protected] Discussion topics vacuum processesRead More


GlobeCore at Transformador LatAm 360

The Transformador LarAm 360 symposium was held in Panama, focused on transformer servicing and lifetime extension. The discussions during the event touched on the important topics of transformer lifecycle. Each topic was presented by an expert in the specific field, which included representatives from SDMyers, Megger, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, GlobeCore, Omicron, Qualitrol and Transformer Clinic. GlobeCore’sRead More

GlobeCore invites participants to the electric power seminar in Peru

Dear friends! GlobeCore invites you to attend the Analysis Regeneration And Purification Of Oil To Extend The Life of Transformers seminar, which will be held on 29 November at Av Giuseppe Garibaldi 396, Jesús María 15072 Lima Perú. The seminar will be of interest for electric power company owners, engineers, research and development personnel asRead More

GlobeCore extends invitation to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition-2019

GlobeCore invites all businesses and parties interested in the implementation of innovative technologies to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition. This event is biannual, and this year will be hosted by Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky on 1-3 October. The exhibition focuses, among other things, on electric power transmission and distribution, wastewater treatment, naturalRead More

GlobeCore Invitation to Transformador LatAm 360

Transformador LatAm 360 symposium, dedicated to transformer lifecycle, will be held in Panama on 10-13 September this year. The four day event will include presentations from the leading companies in the industry of transformer servicing and lifetime extension: SDMyers, Megger, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Omicron, GlobeCore, Qualitrol and Transformer Clinic. The presented information will help improve transformerRead More

A New Bitumen Emulsion Complex Commissioned in the Capital of Ghana

For a month (8 June to 8 July this year), GlobeCore engineers visited Accra (Ghana). The engineers assisted with assembly and commissioning of a full scale bitumen emulsion production complex there. An important part of the complex is GlobeCore equipment for the production of cationic or anionic bitumen emulsions. Note that our company also manufacturesRead More

Another GlobeCore Seminar Held in Dubai

The latest seminar on electrical insulation oil treatment and transformer maintenance seminar initiated by GlobeCore was held on 17 June in Dubai (UAE). The seminar gathered approximately 60 representatives of various transformer commissioning and maintenance companies from the Gulf countries. GlobeCore service engineer Frank May presented to the participants the newest technologies and equipment designedRead More

GlobeCore Seminar in Mexicali

On 28 June 2019, GlobeCore in cooperation with TPyA (Tecnologías Predictivas y Automatización) held a seminar on dielectric oils in Mexicali. The seminar was attended by 35 visitors from Mexican transformer maintenance companies. GlobeCore’s Jose Mora addressed various ways of transformer lifetime extension. The report focused on transformer oil purification and regeneration, including processing ofRead More


GlobeCore Seminars in Angola

At the end of June, GlobeCore representatives visited Luanda (Angola) to hold several seminars. The events were based at the largest Angolan electric power companies and were dedicated to transformer reliability improvement and lifetime extension. GlobeCore’s concept is to protect the insulation of transformer from moisture during repairs and servicing, as well as purification andRead More

GlobeCore Invites Visitors to a Seminar in Mexico

GlobeCore invites all electric power industry professionals to visit our seminar in Mexicali (Mexico) on 28 June 2019. The seminar will be held at the following address: Hotel Calafia, 1495 Justo Sierra, Fracc. Los Pinos, Mexicali, Mexico. The seminar will be focused on the current issues of transformer reliability improvement and extension of transformer serviceRead More

GlobeCore at AWEA WindPower 2019 Conference & Exhibition

One of the main events in the wind power industry, AWEA WindPower 2019 Conference & Exhibition, was held in Houston on May 20-23 this year. This is an annual event, with visitors from the leading world companies involved in the industry of converting the energy of the wind into electric power. Just as last year,Read More

GlobeCore Participates in Offshore Technology Conference-2019

The largest conference and expo in the field of oil and gas technologies was held in Houston, Texas on 6 – 9 May this year. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this year’s Conference was attended by 2500 companies from 110 countries. GlobeCore took the opportunity to present our technologies and see the products and developments byRead More


GlobeCore to Hold a Seminar in Angola

GlobeCore continues with the policy of holding seminars on electrical insulation oil treatment and transformer lifetime extension around the world. The next seminar is planned for the 27 June in Luanda (Angola). We invite all representatives from the electric power industry in Africa and elsewhere to visit the event. The seminar will provide up toRead More

GlobeCore Extends Invitation to Visit AWEA WindPower-2019 in Houston

GlobeCore would like to invite everyone involved in the alternative energy market to visit one of the main events in industry: AWEA WindPower-2019, which will be held 20-23 May 2019 in Houston, USA. The conference will focus on important issues and topics of interest in the wind power generation industry. At the event, GlobeCore can beRead More

GlobeCore Invites Visitors to a Seminar in Dubai

We have the pleasure to invite you to the GlobeCore seminar taking place in Dubai, UAE. As an international company that provides innovative solutions for oil processing and transformer maintenance, we have a wealth of knowledge to share. Date: June 17, 2019 Location: Holiday Inn Hotel, Dubai Festival city Language: English Timing: 8:30 – 14:30Read More

Seminars Held in Argentina and Brazil

GlobeCore held two seminars in the Latin America in the beginning of April. The seminar in Brazil was held on 2 April, the event in Argentina followed on 4 April. Both meetings focused on transformer lifetime extension, as well as electrical insulation oil purification and regeneration. Over thirty companies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and UruguayRead More

GlobeCore Supports Young Football Players

GlobeCore sponsored a children’s mini-football tournament in Wüsting, Germany, on 30-31 March. Eight teams took part in the tournament, with players younger than 8 years old. Each match was an interesting and uncompromising competition, so the spectators were kept on their toes. Tournaments like Hallenturnier SF Wüsting U8 offer a great incentive for involvement ofRead More

GlobeCore Holds a Seminar in Thailand

A seminar on Transformer Life Extension was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 12 March 2019. The event was a joint effort by GlobeCore and TIS Group and was attended by approximately 60 representatives of electrical power companies from all over Thailand. The interest to the topic of the seminar was high due to the highRead More

Three AVS-100 machines commissioned in China

The ferromagnetic vortex layer devices are applied for intensification and improving efficiency of wastewater purification. One of the latest orders for this equipment was filled by GlobeCore for a large factory in China. Three AVS-100 units are already operated in China, in cyanide and fluoride removal from wastewater. In the case of two stage chemicalRead More

GlobeCore Invites Visitors to a Seminar in Brazil

GlobeCore invites electric power industry specialists to visit our “Transformer Life Extension”, to take place on 2 April 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The seminar will be held at the following address: 06803-000 Embu das Artes – São Paulo, Av. Elias Yazbek, 2898. The seminar will be focused on the current issues of transformer reliabilityRead More

Commissioning of GlobeCore Equipment in Bangladesh

GlobeCore equipment was commissioned in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in the first quarter of this year. One of the local electric power companies purchased a CMM-4 and a CMM-6 units to service their power transformers. This type of equipment is well suited for such tasks as: 1) removal of particulate matter, water and gas from transformer oil;Read More

An Invitation from GlobeCore to Attend Our Seminar in Argentina

GlobeCore invites all electric power industry professionals to visit our “Transformer Life Extension” seminar in Buenos-Aires on 4 April 2019. The event will be held at Dazzler San Martín Hotel (Calle San Martín 920, casi esq. Paraguay), starting at 8-30. The discussion will be focused on increasing transformer reliability and extension of transformer service life,Read More

GlobeCore at Sharjah Energy Meet 2019

The fifth Sharjah Energy Meet was held in the United Arab Emirates on 29 january 2019. This event traditionally gathered over 100 participants, including the leadership of the most prominent power companies and industry experts. The participants of the meeting shared their vision of the future wind power development and discussed possible implementation of variousRead More

GlobeCore Invitation to Seminar in Guatemala

GlobeCore is pleased to announce a seminar for electrical industry specialists, to be held on 25 February 2019 in Antigua, Guatemala.    The seminar will include a discussion of transformer reliability and life extension, as well as purification and regeneration of transformer oil. The event will be held at Santo Domingo del Cerro, Edificio EfraínRead More

GlobeCore Holds Presentations In Saudi Arabia

On 16-27 December 2018, GlobeCore specialists visited Saudi Arabia. The visit was dedicated to the issues of the Saudi electricity industry and efficiently addressing such problems. Specifically, GlobeCore equipment presentations were held in the cities of Jeddah, Medina, Jizan, Abha etc. The structure of the presentations varied depending on the specialization of the company hostingRead More

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our dear customers, partners and friends! We at GlobeCore wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We appreciate your trust and the work we do together. Let the coming 2019 bring us new opportunities, original ideas and exciting projects for us to work on together. We have achieved much in theRead More

GlobeCore Holds a Seminar in Mexico

A seminar on purification and regeneration of industrial oils, as well as power transformer servicing, was held in Mexico City on 29 November 2018. This seminar became one of the most attended events recently held by GlobeCore. The number of participants reached approximately 100, representing 40 companies from Mexico, Salvador and Guatemala, which are relatedRead More

GlobeCore at Concapan-2018

One of the largest events in the Central American electric energy industry, Concapan-2018, was held on 7 – 9 November in San Salvador. GlоbeCore participated in the event in cooperation with out partner, Grupo Saytec S. A. de C. V. Visitors of our combined exhibition booth were able to see the the CMM-4/7 unit. ThisRead More

CMM-10 Commissioning in Indonesia

A GlobeCore team visited Jakarta, Indonesia on 18 – 28 October 2018 to commission yet another unit. This time, a CMM-10 unit entered service in one of Jakarta’s transformer substations. This type of equipment is used to purify electrical insulation oil, removing solid particles, water and gases; the unit can also evacuate power transformers. DependingRead More

Equestrianism Competition

In the middle of October, horseback riding competitions were held based on the “Four Horseshoes” riding school. Showjumping became the icing on the cake. The competitors were to follow a route with special barriers, usually 80 to 135 cm high. If a horse touches the barrier, it easily falls apart, protecting the rider and theRead More

An Invitation from GlobeCore to Visit Concapan-2018

GlobeCore invites everyone to visit Concapan-2018, the largest exhibition in Central America, which will be held in San Salvador (Crowne Plaza Hotel) on 7-9 November. This is the 38th Concapan exhibitions for managers and specialists working in the electrical power industry. The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to learn about new solutions to the industry’sRead More

A СММ-10 Unit Servicing Transformer Substations in Kenya

GlobeCore engineers spent a week in Kenya (1 – 7 October) to commission a CMM-10 unit. The unit was installed at Suswa substation and was used to purify electrical insulation oil and to fill transformers with the oil. The capacity of the CMM-10 in degassing, drying and filtration mode is 10 m3/hour. With initial gasRead More

transformer oil change

Two Units Commissioned in Italy

Another commissioning of GlobeCore equipment took place on 5-7 September in Italy. This type, two CMM units with the capacities of 0.6 and 4 m3/hour were commissioned. These units are best suited for companies which operate, repair or service various oil-filled electrical equipment, such as transformer, high voltage switchgear, tap changers etc. The CMM unitsRead More

GlobeCore at Global Wind Summit 2018 in Hamburg

On 25 – 28 September, the Global Wind Summit 2018 was held in Hamburg, Germany. This is the biggest event in alternative energy source industry. Global Wind Summit-2018 included the WindEnergy Hamburg expo and WindEnergy Hamburg conference. Wind power generation companies were able to discuss the problems of the industry and see the latest developmentsRead More

GlobeCore In The Media: the Cement Americas Magazine

The new issue of the Cement Americas Magazine came out in September 2018. The magazine published an article by Frank May, GlobeCore service engineer, titles The Promising Application of Vortex Layer Devices with Ferromagnetic Elements for Cement Improvement. The article discusses one of the main reasons for cement deterioration which increases cement consumption and includesRead More


Liberia: Commissioning a New CMM-4

In the middle of August 2018, yet another product was commissioned: a CMM-4 unit, which was tested at one of the local hydropower plants. The main purpose of this equipment is purification of transformer oil. The unit removes solid particles, water and gas from the insulation fluid. Besides, the CMM-4 can heat electrical equipment withRead More

Wind Turbine Oil Flushing

Oil Change in FL2500 Wind Turbine

This summer, GlobeCore was contracted to change the oil in the gearbox of an FL2500 wind turbine by Fuhrländer Windtechnology LLC. The analysis of the Mobil XMP 320 oil samples taken from the gearbox of the 2.5 MW FL2500 wind turbine (100 meter mast height) indicated the need for urgent oil change, which was performedRead More

GlobeCore Engineers Develop a New Cable Oil Processing Unit

110-500 kV OF cables are used for the following purposes: output of power from hydro power plants to distribution facilities; power transmission in high urban density areas, over large bodies of water or areas with severe environmental pollution; power supply to energy-intensive industrial facilities; powering cities etc. Ensuring OF cable reliability requires special equipment forRead More

GlobeCore in the Press: Portland cement regrinding in vortex layer device (Cemento Hormigón Magazine)

The May-June 2018 number of Cemento Hormigón Magazine of Spain features an article by GlobeCore electrical engineer José Mora, titled “Re-trituración y mejora del cemento portland en los sistemas de optención de la capa vórtex de particulas ferromagnéticas”. The article describes GlobeCore experience in application of the vortex layer devices with ferromagnetic elements in theRead More

Commissioning of a Bitumen Emulsion Unit in Myanmar

In July 2018, a GlobeCore USB-2 unit was commissioned in Myanmar. Beside the commissioning, GlobeCore engineers also trained customer personnel to operate and service the unit. The unit produces 8 cubic meters of emulsion per hour; it consists of a water phase section, emulsion preparation section, controls and piping to supply water phase solution andRead More

llenado de aceite en transformador

Transformer oil filling

The term “transformer oil filling”, as it is used in this article, has two meanings. The first is the process that compensates for the loss of oil in the course of transformer operation. The second is filling a transformer with oil before commissioning or after an overhaul. Oil is an essential part of the transformer.Read More

GlobeCore Takes Part in AWEA Wind Power Conference and Exhibition

GlobeCore and GC Technologies participated in the AWEA Wind Power Conference and Exhibition in Chicago on 7 – 10 May. This is the largest event held under the aegis of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), which brings together the wind energy market professionals: manufacturers, suppliers, customers and anyone interested in ground-breaking innovations in thisRead More

Transformer oil regeneration seminar in Costa Rica

On 10 May, GlobeCore held a transformer oil regeneration seminar in San Jose, Costa Rica, in cooperation with ELMEC S.A. and with the participation of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR).   The event was attended by more than 70 people, who represented 25 companies from Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Columbia, Honduras and Salvador. Traditionally, the seminarRead More

GlobeCore Goes to Denver for International Exhibition

17 – 19 April, GlobeCore participated in the IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, in Denver, CO,  in cooperation with GC Technologies (USA). This is a significant event in the electrical power industry, gathering the leading equipment manufacturers, managers, scientists, engineers and policy makers. The meeting helps to exchange experience and generate newRead More

Dave seminar

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Houston

GlobeCore with GC Technologies is planning a seminar for old and new customers. Date: June 14, 2018. Location: 1110 Paige St, Houston, Texas 77003 Seminar program: Discussion of the effect of the oil aging processes on the efficiency of power transformers; Report on “Transformer oils purification and regeneration units from GlobeCore”; Demonstration of the purificationRead More


Seven CMM-4/7 Units Commissioned In Malaysia

GlobeCore team visited Malaysia in 19 March – 8 April to commission seven CMM-4/7 units. This is not the first time the CMM model is commissioned in Malaysia. In fact, one of our products was commissioned in January. The high demand for the CMM-4/7 is due to their versatility. The unit can perform a rangeRead More

GlobeCore Holds a Seminar for Electricity Industry Specialists

On 12-13 March 2018, a two day seminar for electrical power industry specialists was held in GlobeCore head office in Oldenburg, Germany. The seminar was attended by representatives of 14 companies from 6 countries (Germany, the US, the UK, Italy, the UAE and Nigeria). Other speakers, beside GlobeCore, were representatives of Maschinenfabrick Reinhausen and Seifert Transformatorentechnik.Read More


GlobeCore Equipment Presented in Thailand

On 19-23 March 2018, GlobeCore held presentations of the company’s products in Bangkok, Thailand. The events were based in the local companies dealing with oil filled equipment, and included two parts, theoretical and practical. The former focused on petrochemical purification and regeneration equipment, such as equipment to remove particulate matter, water and gas and regenerationRead More

GlobeCore has organized and conducted a seminar in the USA

March 2-3, 2018 in Houston, GlobeCore held a seminar for representatives of the Texas electric power industry. During the seminar were discussed the issues of aging processes in electrical insulating oils influencing the efficiency of power transformers, including a report on the topic “Purification and regeneration of transformer oils with GlobeCore equipment”. The practical partRead More

Presentation of GlobeCore equipment in Oldenburg

March 5, 2018 a regular presentation of oil purification and regeneration equipment was held in the International Training Center of GlobeCore (Oldenburg, Germany). This time the event was attended by representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and their partners from Qatar. First of all, the guests were interested in the possibilities of GlobeCore equipment for processingRead More

production of biodiesel

Installation and commissioning of biodiesel plants in the Philippines

February 19-21, 2018, GlobeCore engineering team visited Lucena, Philippines to commission two biodiesel reactors each with capacity 6,25 m3 / h. Currently, the Philippines is experiencing a deficit of oil resources, and is trying to compensate by producing biodiesel from coconut oil. The country also set special programs mandating a minimum of 2 and 5Read More


Commissioning and presentation of equipment in Malaysia

January 20 – 26, GlobeCore employees visited Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on a business trip. The purpose of the trip was the CMM-4/7 plant commissioning and the presentation of GlobeCore equipment for the representatives of the electric power industry. The CMM-4/7 performs degassing, drying, cleaning from mechanical impurities and heating transformer oils, before filling them intoRead More

bitumen-emulsion plants

Increasing productivity of existing bitumen-emulsion plants

Dear Valued Customers! We would like to remind that GlobeCore provides an opportunity to increase the existing bitumen-emulsion plants performance by introducing an additional block. It has the potential benefits in the form of efficiency and functionality. It allows to raise the productivity of both GlobeCore plants and plants of other manufacturers. One such projectRead More

Globecore equipment

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Costa Rica

Ladies and gentlemen! GlobeCore invites you to take part in the seminar “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”. Date: 10.05.2018. Location: Radisson San José, Costa Rica. Calle Central y Tercera Av. 15. P.O. Box 538-2120. Calle Blancos, San José, Costa Rica. Seminar program: Discussion of the effect of the oil aging processes on the efficiencyRead More

GlobeCore in the press: Decontamination of Oily Wastewater (Industrial WaterWorld Magazine)

The fifth issue for 2017 of “Industrial WaterWorld” magazine published an article entitled “Decontamination of Oily Wastewater Using Electromagnetic Vortex Layer Devices”. The article analyzed the main directions of cleaning and neutralization of wastewater containing oil, and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. Also, the article described the principle of operation of electromagnetic vortexRead More

Chikago globecore

Industrial Oil Drying Unit Commissioned in the US

A CMM-10TS unit was commissioned in a suburb of Chicago on 19-23 December 2017. This unit was designed and built to a custom order for thermal vacuum drying of high viscosity industrial oil with high water content. Commissioning confirmed the capabilities of the CMM-10TS, which can effectively dehydrate industrial oil contaminated with water: approximately 16Read More

Participation in AWEA Wind power conference and exhibition

Participation in AWEA Wind power conference and exhibition

Professionals from all over the world attend to network, learn, advance their organizational mission and to participate in the largest wind energy exhibition in the Western Hemisphere. More major product announcements and exciting releases happen here, than at any other wind energy industry event. GlobeCore and GC Technologies will also have a booth in ChicagoRead More

IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

Participation in IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

The 2018 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition isn’t just the industry’s signature show — it’s an all-encompassing, immersive and global conference experience like no other. Here you’ll join top utility CEOs and some of the world’s brightest engineers in discovering the latest T&D products, ideas and innovations leading the industry forward toRead More

Dave seminar

Globecore invites to the seminar in texas

In our constant effort to provide a superior product with exceptional service, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new sales office and service center, complete with technicians and inventory, in the USA.  Our new dealer, Dave Wilson, with GC Technologies, at 1110 Paige St, Houston, Texas 77003, 713-699-3388, [email protected], 713-202-7983 (cell) isRead More

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Germany

Ladies and gentlemen! GlobeCore invites you to take part in the seminar “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”. Date: March 12-13 2018 Location: Oldenburg, Edewechter Landstrasse, 173. Seminar program: Discussion of the effect of the oil aging processes on the efficiency of power transformers; Report on “Transformer oils purification and regeneration units from GlobeCore”; DemonstrationRead More


Several Presentations of GlobeCore Equipment in the Philippines

In the beginning of December, our representative visited the island nation of the Philippines to present GlobeCore oil purification and regeneration equipment to the local oil refining industry. The presentations were organized on 4-7 December in five cities: Bulacan, Marilao, Valenzuela, Cabuyao and Consolacion. Operation of the regeneration equipment was illustrated by a UVR technologyRead More

Globecore presentation

GlobeCore Transformer Oil Regeneration Equipment Presentation Held in Qatar

21 November, Doha, Qatar: GlobeCore presents mineral oil purification and regeneration units.   The event was attended by representatives of KAHRAMAA (Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation), the main power and water supplier in the country. Also were present the representatives of Al Dana Switchgear company (A Subsidiary of AALCO Group) which were the co-organizers ofRead More


GlobeCore Opens a New Service Center in Costa-Rica

Dear friends! We are happy to announce that a new service center commenced operations in Costa-Rica in November 2017. This service center will assist our clients throughout the Latin America. A stock of spare parts will be made available to the clients. It is also possible to visit the new service center to purify andRead More

Upgrading СММ – 1,0

September this year,  GlobeCore design department presented a modernized CMM-1.0 mobile oil station. A new CMM-1H unit is designed for deep cleaning of electrical insulating oils from mechanical impurities, dissolved gases and water. It operates on the principle of thermal vacuum drying. This method is economical, low-cost and energy-efficient. A new mobile oil station hasRead More

GlobeCore in the press: Wastewater Treatment from Heavy Metals (Water Today)

The eighth issue of the scientific-research magazine “Water Today” of this year 2017 published an article “Electromagnetic Intensification of Heavy Metal Removal and Wastewater Decontamination”. This article deals with the problem of wastewater pollution from the chemical plant, petrochemical plant, engineering industry and food processing industry, and specifically addresses the purification of wastewater from chromium,Read More

Relaunch of “Mojave Heat-100” production

September, this year, GlobeCore restarted production of Mojave Heat -100 “Mojave Heat-100” is designed for drying of transformer tanks with hot air, which is dehydrated and cleaned from mechanical impurities. This equipment prevents the ingress of moisture from atmospheric air into the electrical insulation and the active part of transformer when the transformer is depressurized.Read More

A New Plant for Shipping Delivery

The engineering department of our company developed a new design of bitumen plant USB-3 with a capacity of 6 m3 / h. This type of equipment is very popular, due to the wide range of bitumen applications (roofing and waterproofing, road works, pipeline protection, lining of canals, etc.).  It improves the properties of bitumen afterRead More

asphalt emulsion plants

New Bitumen Complex Operation in Ghana

In late August in Accra (Ghana), GlobeCore team has completed commissioning of a UVB-10PK complex and provided training to service personnel.   A UVB-10PK bitumen complex is a comprehensive solution to road construction facilities. it is capable of the following important functions: bitumen input; preparation of bitumen for further use; production of all bitumen emulsionRead More

Commissioning of the СММ-2,2 plant in Saudi Arabia

The commissioning was scheduled on 5-8 of August in Jizan (Saudi Arabia) where GlobeCore employees started up the CMM-2-2 plant. The unit is set in a container, mounted on a single axle trailer and can operate in the following modes: Heating and filtration of oil; Thermal vacuum drying of oil; Vacuum treatment of other equipment.Read More

CMM-4/7 is commissioned in Helsinki

May 31 this year, GlobeCore engineers successfully completed the commissioning in Helsinki (Finland). CMM-4/7 unit is there to stay and work This equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with a viscosity below 70 cSt at  50 ° C from mechanical impurities, water and gases. The unit can be used during operation, installation and repairRead More


Botswana. Commissioning of CMM-12R and CMM-4/7

In May, more of GlobeCore equipment was commissioned in Gaborone (Botswana). At this time two transformer oil regeneration plants CMM-12R and CMM-4/7 were installed and commissioned In its design, CMM-12R is a multifunctional complex that carries out both processing of insulating oils and maintenance of transformers. The main distinguishing feature of this equipment is –Read More

Commissioning of CMM-4/7 in Pakistan

May 13, a GlobeCore CMM-4/7 unit started its work in Lahore (Pakistan). One of the local Pakistani companies that is engaged in installation, maintenance and repair works of power transformers, uses a CMM-4/7 unit for servicing their transformers. This unit can perform heating, drying, cleaning and degassing of the entire volume of transformer oil. ThisRead More

GlobeCore seminar In Quito

During 2 days, May 3-4 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore held a seminar presenting its equipment The event was attended by representatives of the electricity industry from many countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The seminar covered the following questions: General information about GlobeCore; Modern technologies in cleaning and regeneration ofRead More

GlobeCore put into operation in Saudi Arabia

April 23 – 27, 2017 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), GlobeCore engineers carried out an effective  commissioning of the CMM-0,6 unit. This equipment is ideal for organizations that have oil-filled equipment and requires their insulating oil cleaned from mechanical impurities, water and gases with processing rate 158 gal / h. The CMM-0,6 unit circulates the oilRead More

CMM-4/7 started up in Estonia

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore specialists started up a CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn (Estonia). This equipment is used by business engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers for degassing and filtration of insulating oil. Also, the units can be used to heat oil-filled electrical appliances with hot oil, for vacuum dehydration and evacuation ofRead More

Oil purification plant СММ-0,6М commissioned in Indonesia

February 15, 2017 the technical team of GlobeCore commissioned the CMM-0.6M unit in Gresik (Indonesia). The equipment is designed for cleaning insulating oils with viscosity below 70 cSt at 50 ° C from mechanical impurities and water. The unit provides oil purification to cleanliness level of ISO – -/14/12 at the initial cleanliness level ofRead More

GlobeCore presentation – Gulf Industry Fair in Bahrain

February 7-9, 2017 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre hosted a Gulf Industry Fair 2017. The fair was held in Manama (the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain) and brought together the leading manufacturers of equipment for energy industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc. The exhibition was first held in 2008. Since then it was visited by more thanRead More

The CMM-10-10 unit commissioned in Asyut (Egypt)

January 11 – 13, 2017, GlobeCore technical team visited Asyut (Egypt). They carried out the start-up and commissioning of the CMM-10-10 plant, which would service the power transformers at local substation. This equipment cleans insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, and also treats the power transformers with high vacuum. The unit operates inRead More

GlobeCore and US Power Industry

GlobeCore strives to participate in all possible projects to replace traditional energy sources with alternatives. Some of the services GlobeCore offers our clients is the sales of equipment to process electrical insulation oil and servicing power transformers, as well as rentals of this equipment. It was the latter option that was chosen by one ofRead More

UVB-2 unit

GlobeCore upgrades the USB-3 unit (20 cubic meter per hour)

The constant growth of traffic intensity makes road construction businesses look for ways to increase reliability of the road top. The potential capabilities of road bitumen used in construction and repairs of roads are not sufficient. This is the reason, why modified bitumen, designed for higher reliability and longevity of automobile roads, came into use.Read More


Guests from Ethiopia Visit the GlobeCore International Training Center in Oldenburg

On 14 November 2016 GlobeCore main office hosted visitors again. This time, the visitors, interested in mineral oil and fuel treatment technologies, as well as efficient power transformer servicing, came from Ethiopia. A GlobeCore specialist held a presentation for the guests, describing the capabilities of equipment designed for: mineral oil filtration; mineral oil degassing; mineralRead More

GlobeCore becomes a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

GlobeCore priorities are green and environmentally friendly products. This can be achieved by reusing the waste products and implementing the green energy sources. The contribution of GlobeCore technologies is made in purification of industrial oil, and by increasing the reliability of alternative power generation. We are pleased to announce that GlobeCore has become a memberRead More

Canada: The CMM-4/7 successfully services wind turbine transformers

GlobeCore is now a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), aiming to solve urgent problems in the industry. The main objective is to increase reliability of wind turbine transformers and extend their service life. Wind turbine transformers are step-up transformers converting voltage for the power grid. They are positioned within the tower orRead More

GlobeCore at WETEX 2016 international exhibition

October 4-6, 2016 Dubai (UAE) hosted the 18th WETEX 2016 International exhibition, organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). This year, WETEX attracted more than 1500 participants (700 companies) from more than 40 countries. The exhibition showcased such technologies as water treatment, energy and environmental protection. WETEX helps its participants expand the sales, presentRead More

The commissioning of a CMM-0.6 oil degassing unit in Italy

October 5, 2016: GlobeCore technical support engineers launch yet another unit for transformer oil purification. This time, the launch took place in Carpenedolo (province of Brescia, Italy) with the commissioning of a CMM-0.6 mobile unit. Its purpose is to remove mechanical impurities from transformer oil and to dry the oil under vacuum. Transformer oil mustRead More

GlobeCore equipment presentation in Oman

October 3, 2016 in Muscat, RAY International Group held a seminar to discuss the pressing issues of Oman’s oil and gas industry. It was attended by the representatives of Germany and Norway, the leaders of Oman oil and gas industry, as well as companies engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The seminar wasRead More

GlobeCore will participate WETEX exhibition in Dubai 04-06 October 2016.

WETEX exhibition 04-06 October 2016. WETEX exhibition, Hall 3, Stall No. BD14. Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre About Wetex In line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and under the patronage of His Highness SheikhRead More

Ecuador. Start up of Oil Regeneration Equipment in the highlands. CMM-12R

August 25, Ecuador (in Quito) GlobeCore engineers started up a CMM-12R plant. The test run of the unit showed great results – dielectric loss tangent measurements of 0,7% at 90°C were achieved  (initial value 11%); also, breakdown voltage was increased to 80 kV. Note that the CMM-12R plant has the following advantages: twenty-four-hour regeneration ofRead More


GlobeCore presented its equipment in Zimbabwe

GlobeCore specialists regularly organize seminars and presentations in different countries. August 10-12, GlobeCore service and technical support manager Frank May visited Harare (Zimbabwe), where he presented oil processing equipment. The discussion focused on reasons for deterioration of insulating oil and failures of power transformers and solutions to these problems. GlobeCore offered units for purification andRead More

Yet another product Expansion: Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer RBE-0,2

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer GlobeCore is delighted to inform of yet another expansion of products. From today representatives of road works companies can purchase RBE-0,2 bitumen sprayers. This bitumen spraying equipment is designed for covering surface with bitumen emulsion by spraying it during asphalt repairs and maintenance of sections of small road and other objects ofRead More

Equipment for modified bitumen Storage Tanks SBM-15 and SBM-30 has been Upgraded

Equipment for modified bitumen Dear customers! GlobeCore is happy to announce a completion of upgrading project of modified bitumen storage tanks SBM-15 and SBM-30. All customers requests were considered in updated storage tanks so they are successfully used for storing of polymer modified bitumen. Bitumen melting equipment Comparing with previous models new storage tanks haveRead More

Bulgarian delegation visits GlobeCore office in Oldenburg

June 1, 2016: GlobeCore head office held a presentation of the company’s products This time we welcomed our guests from Bulgaria to demonstrate our technology of processing electrical insulation oil in power transformers. A GlobeCore lead engineer demonstrated the company’s experience and capabilities of the equipment for: filtration of mineral oil; degassing of mineral oil;Read More


Grand Opening of Bitumen Emulsions Plant in Zimbabwe

Bitumen Emulsions Plant in Zimbabwe 28 April 2016 Zimbabwe’s Bitumen Emulsions Production Plant started its work with an opening ceremony. The symbolic start was made by Transport and Infrastructure Minister Dr Joram Gumbo, who cut the ceremonial ribbon. For GlobeCore this event was significant because the new facility is based on the GlobeCore UVB-1 plant.Read More

Seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil held in Oldenburg

April 21-22, 2016 the GlobeCore German office in Oldenburg held a seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil. This event was attended by delegates from Belgium, the UK and the Czech Republic. Note that there is a successful International Training Center in Oldenburg, where anyone can take a course in operating GlobeCore oil filteringRead More

Transformer serves 2ce as long! GlobeCore shows possibilities of reclamation of dielectric oils in Middle East Electricity 2016

March 1-4, Dubai hosts the annual 41 th Exhibition of energy companies  – Middle East Electricity 2016. With more than 1,500 international companies from 56 countries and more than 2,000 professionals, representing Middle Eastern branches taking part. One of the participants is a German company GlobeCore –  introducing an oil regeneration plant UVR. There, on theRead More

New service center in Houston is open

GlobeCore  announced the opening of a new service center in US. The address of the new location is 1750-H Dickinson Ave (FM 1266) Dickinson, TX, 77539. T: + 1-713-429-1616 and + 1-713-828-7877. Our other offices and service centers are available in the section “Contacts”. GlobeCore is one of the world leaders in industrial manufacturing. ProductsRead More


Bitumen Emulsion Equipment Check in Ghana

Bitumen Equipment in Ghana GlobeCore provides customer support during design and production of equipment, and also during its operation. GlobeCore staff periodically visits units in operation to monitor their condition and share experience. At the beginning of 2016, the choice fell on Ghana. Transport infrastructure of Ghana is represented by railways with total length ofRead More

Guests from Switzerland visited German office GlobeCore

February 2 guests from Switzerland visited German office of GlobeCore in Oldenburg. Representatives of a Swiss company: director and a chief engineer expressed a wish to get acquainted with GlobeCore’s equipment and to assess its possible application in their manufacturing – the production of lubricants and other petroleum products. The guests were shown recycling capabilitiesRead More

Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying Unit Commissioned in Oman

On 17 Decembe 2015, GlobeCore engineers successfully commissioned an automated Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying unit in Oman. The Mojave Heat is designed to dehydrate atmospheric air and reduce its dew point to between -50ºC and -70ºС and to remove particulate matter from that air. The Mojave Heat can be used during installation and repairsRead More


GlobeCore CMM-4D Unit Successfully Commissioned in Uganda

On December 3, 2015 GlobeCore employees successfully completed the commissioning of a new GlobeCore CMM-4D oil degassing unit in Uganda. The main advantage of the CMM-4D is its versatility.  With the CMM – 4D unit you can perform the following operations: purification of insulating oil by removing mechanical impurities (filtration fineness is 5 microns), waterRead More

GlobeCore continues oil recycling equipment sales to Saudi Arabia

Oil recycling equipment A CMM-10 used oil degassing plat combined with the BV-200 vacuum unit have been in commissioning in Saudi Arabia from 14 to 17 December 2015. Various CMM units have already been commissioned in Saudi Arabia before. The demand on these units is due to their versatility: by purchasing just one unit, theRead More

GlobeCore brings its technology of transformer oil reclamation to Kyrgyzstan

Transformer oil reclamation to Kyrgyzstan  In December 2015 our company’s specialists visited Kyrgyzstan (the cities of Bishkek and Osh), where they made several presentations for the power industry representatives. The presentations were focues on transformer oil regeneration process to improve transformer reliability and extend lifetime. GlobeCore offers unique technology, which allows to restore used transformerRead More

GlobeCore Makes Bitumen Road Equipment Presentations in Bulgaria

Bitumen Road Equipment  Presentations in Bulgaria Starting On 18 October 2015 through 24 October 2015 presentations of bitumen emulsion equipment, produced by GlobeCore, were held in several cities in Bulgaria. GlobeCore representatives visited the Bulgarian cities of Varna, Plovdiv, Rousse and Blagoevgrad.  It should be noted that this is not the first time GlobeCore representativesRead More

GlobeCore Bitumen Road Equipment Presentations Held in Azerbaijan

GlobeCore Bitumen Road Equipment Presentations A delegation of GlobeCore representatives visited Azerbaijan from the 12th through the 16th of October 2015. The GlobeCore representatives visited Baku and Gyandzha where they made four presentations and demonstrated the operation of the GlobeCore UVR-L laboratory unit. The various lines of GlobeCore oil processing and transformer service equipment wereRead More

Bitumen emulsion equipment Commissioning In Azerbaijan

Bitumen emulsion equipment  Commissioning In February 2015, in Baku (Azerbaijan), GlobeCore representatives commissioned the USB-1 unit with a capacity of 2 m3/h.   Bitumen emulsion equipment is designed to produce cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions that fully meet the worldwide quality standards. Nowadays, much preference is given to bitumen emulsions rather than hot bitumen whenRead More

Transformer Oil Reclamation Round-the-Clock: It’s Real Now!

Transformer Oil Reclamation GlobeCore is a customer oriented and driven company.  GlobeCore always considers the wishes and needs of its customers in the planning, designing, and production of it advanced line of industrial equipment. GlobeCore‘s employees are always eager to visit different conferences, lectures, presentations to gain relevant information on revolutionary new ways to produceRead More

We Continued to Work With the Polish Manufacturers Transformers

Polish Manufacturers Transformers At the end of 2014, GlobeCore continued to work with the Polish manufacturers of transformers by commissioning the CMM-10A unit. This unit is designed for vacuumizing of transformers and removing mechanical impurities, water and gasses from electrical insulating oils. The GlobeCore CMM-10A unit may be applied at the facilities, involved in mounting,Read More

A Business Trip to Armenia – The problems of transformer oil regeneration

The problems of transformer oil regeneration At the end of February, the GlobeCore representatives arrived in Yerevan (Armenia) on a working visit. The aim of the travel was to deliver a presentation of GlobeCore equipment to representatives of the electric power industry in Armenia. Aleksandra Podpriatova, the manager of the company, held a get-to-know presentation.Read More

Mining Equipment Project Pumping out quarry waters

Mining Equipment Project Pumping out quarry waters At the end of 2014, GlobeCore completed a diesel pumping station project. This new piece of equipment is designed for pumping out quarry waters with a low level of solid particles. The diesel pumping station has been already successfully used at the ore-dressing and processing enterprises. The coolingRead More

Inspection of Oil Purification Equipment at Hydroelectric Power Plant

Equipment at Hydroelectric Power Plant What is purification oil End of April GlobeCore delegation had a working visit to a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP), one of many that have GlobeCore filtration, purification and oil recycling plants for turbine oils, operating there over the past several years. Turbine oil is designed for lubrication of bearings, transmissionsRead More


GlobeCore was a Co-organizer of a Conference Held of power industry in Vietnam

In December 2014, GlobeCore, together with Pacific Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. (PATEK) organized a conference for representatives of the power industry in Vietnam. The aim of the event was to present the latest developments in the field of purification and regeneration of waste oils. The representative of GlobeCore, Roman Gluschenko, delivered the report onRead More

An international electric energy conference held in Kazakhstan

In the beginning of April this year, in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, an annual international electric energy conference was held. Such events allow to demonstrate and discuss with specialists own developments in the field, as well as evaluate perspective developments by other companies. This conference could not be left unattended by GlobeCore.The company manager’s report focused onRead More

GlobeCore has produced a giant new Oil Regeneration machine

The Use of Fuller’s Earth in the Regeneration of Contaminated Transformer Oil Oil Regeneration machine Contemporary approaches to the regeneration of used/contaminated transformer oil will be examined in this article.  It has been shown through research and real world field experience, that mobile oil reclamation equipment of the CMM-R type, manufactured by GlobeCore, is perfectly suited for thisRead More

GC engineers have just developed and constructed a new degassing plant CMM-6D

Breaking news! Our engineers have just developed and constructed a new degassing plant, the CMM-6D, which has been successfully tested and put into production. DEGASSING UNIT CMM-6D Degassing unit CMM-6D has been designed to clean electrical and turbine oils by removing mechanical impurities as well as water and gases using a thermal vacuum purification process.Read More

GlobeCore launches the new installation for transformer oil degassing

New installation for transformer oil degassing This week a new automated model type CMM-6D was introduced. It was designed for degassing of transformer oils. Hardware developers talked about its benefits to the rest of the company and guests. Some of the features of CMM-6D are: a built-in oil tracker that allows tracking transformer oil usageRead More

A transformer degassing plant successfully commissioned in Pakistan

A transformer degassing plant successfully commissioned in Pakistan In February this year a CMM-10-10M oil degassing plant was successfully supplied and commissioned. The unit also removed solid particles from the oil and heats it.The order came from one of Pakistan’s electric energy companies. This country’s population ranks sixth in the world. A significant amount ofRead More

In Maracaibo they use blending system of GlobeCore

GlobeCore equipment commissioned in Maracaibo. Last month, our company supplied and commissioned a USB blending system in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. One of the local businesses needed an 18 cubic meter per hour blending system. By the way, Maracaibo is the second most populated city in Venezuela after Caracas, with over a million residents.Read More

Reporting at Middle East Electricity Exhibition by PC GlobeCore

GlobeCore is a leading manufacturer of various equipment, such as transformer oil purification and regeneration plants, transformer evacuation machines, equipment to freeze impurity out of windings and oil filling equipment. We employ over 250 people of staff. Manufacturing facility is located in Oldenburg, Germany. Our products are well known in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, MiddleRead More

GlobeCore reported at seminar in Jordania

A seminar in Jordania partners was held in Amman, Jordan, on 15 April. GlobeCore’s representatives Daria Shaddad and Yevheniy Svirid participated in the event by presenting GlobeCore’s products for regeneration and purification fo transformer oil, as well as equipment for evacuation of air, non-agressive gases and vapo/gas mix from transformers. More details at source: GlobeCore reportedRead More

CMM-10-10-M transformer oil processing plant: now in Saudi Arabia

Transformer oil processing plant In April, GlobeCore fulfilled the order of one of the Saudi electric energy companies for supply and commissioning of a CMM-10-10M transformer oil purification system. The plant removes gas, water and solid particles from electric insulation oils and heats the oil. The CMM-10-10-M may be used during installation, repair and operationRead More

The USB-2 Unit Was Successfully Started Up in Thailand

The USB-2 Unit Was Successfully Started Up in Thailand On June 10, 2014, GlobeCore representatives visited Thailand to commission a new GlobeCore USB-2 unit with a capacity of twenty cubic meters per hour (20 m3/h). The new unit is designed to prepare the water phase of bitumen emulsion production.  When the pre-commissioning was successfully completed, GlobeCoreRead More

GlobeCore has increased the production facility floor by 8,000 square meters

Our company has increased the production facility floor by 8,000 square meters at the end of 2013. GlobeCore is one of the world leaders in industrial manufacturing. Products of GlobeCore are used in transformer oil purification and degassing, insulation oil filtration, power transformer vacuuming. The head office is located in Oldenburg, Germany. Our systems haveRead More

GlobeCore engineer visit Dominican Republic supplies a new mobile system

GlobeCore engineer visit Dominican Republi. GlobeCore supplies a new mobile system into the Central America, specifically to the Dominican Republic. In September 2013 GlobeCore delivers the new plant. It is a relatively inexpensive and versatile system for energy sector service companies such as INPROCA. The plant is not entirely typical. The unit allows not onlyRead More