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Representatives of Ukrainian energy companies visited GlobeCore factory

On the 21st of June, the GlobeCore company traditionally hosted guests. This time our factory was visited by representatives from several Ukrainian energy companies.

During the visit, the guests were demonstrated industrial models of CMM-4LT and CMM-6RL units, which are designed for thermal vacuum drying and regeneration of transformer oil respectively. The units processed the used transformer oil that the guests brought with them. The quality control was conducted by taking samples before and after the oil passed through the regenerative equipment. The samples were analyzed using TOR-80 (breakdown voltage) and TOR-3 (dielectric loss tangent) devices, which are manufactured by GlobeCore.

The following results were obtained:

  • Breakdown voltage: before regeneration – 15.8 kV, after regeneration – 68 kV;
  • Dielectric loss tangent: before regeneration – 0.0631, after regeneration – 0.002.

As we can see, the regenerated transformer oil is suitable for reuse in high-voltage equipment.

Representatives of Ukrainian energy companies were pleased with the result and are considering the possibility of using GlobeCore equipment in the maintenance of their transformers and the operation of their oil farms.

We take this opportunity to invite enterprises specializing in transformer service and the recovery of used oils to visit our production and get acquainted with GlobeCore technologies.