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GlobeCore at the 2023 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting in the USA

GlobeCore company representatives attended the AEMA-ARRA-ISSA annual meeting in Arizona, USA, which was organized by the Asphalt Emulsion Manufactures Association (AEMA) in March. As part of the meeting, modern technologies in the field of road construction and repair were presented at the conference exhibition. The main trends in this field were discussed too.

The GlobeCore company representatives were present at all technical sessions, where historical aspects of the use of bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen in the USA were discussed, as well as at all presentations of other international companies that participated in the conference. We have acquired a new knowledge to improve and diversify GlobeCore technologies. Also, we will rely on current trends in the field of road construction and repair in the further company activity.

The GlobeCore company presented the latest technologies for the continuous production of modified bitumen and the use of colloid mills for the production of bitumen emulsions. The conference participants evaluated these GlobeCore’s ideas and the experience positively and noted their perspective for expanding possibilities in the field of road construction and repair. We managed to interest new customers in GlobeCore products and to start cooperation with them also.

Oksana Mazur is the manager of GlobeCore’s foreign economic activities. She shared her impressions of the business trip:

“This year’s international meeting of Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association was held in a new, interesting format. A special application was developed even. It simplified communication between meeting participants and between our new customers greatly. And, what is most important, application continues to work after the conference allowing our company to continue communication and collaboration with our customers.

Attending such events is important for potential customers, it is an indicator for them who is an important player in the industry of. According to the results of the visit, the direction vector of the positioning of GlobeCore products will be changed in accordance with the needs and requirements of the international market in the field of road construction and repair.“

After the international meeting the GlobeCore company was able to submit an application and to register for the relevant events that will take place in the future.

We are grateful to AEMA for the invitation, the excellent organization of the event and the introduction to industry professionals. We look forward to next year meeting!