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GlobeCore Holds a Seminar in Mexico

A seminar on purification and regeneration of industrial oils, as well as power transformer servicing, was held in Mexico City on 29 November 2018.

This seminar became one of the most attended events recently held by GlobeCore. The number of participants reached approximately 100, representing 40 companies from Mexico, Salvador and Guatemala, which are related to the electric power or petrochemical waste disposal industries in one way or another.

Traditionally, the seminar was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. During the former, the participants listened both to GlobeCore specialists and representatives from other companies which expressed their wish to make presentations on the important points of industrial oil purification, the use of adsorbent media (Fuller’s earth) for oil regeneration and servicing of power transformers.

Following the presentations, the participants had a change to see GlobeCore equipment (CMM-0.6 and a laboratory scale UVR unit). The latter unit was used for a demonstration of waste oil regeneration. In the process of demonstration, all of the operational parameters of the oil were fully restored.

The development and manufacturing of equipment for purification and regeneration of mineral oil is a priority of GlobeCore business. This equipment offers a range of benefits, such as financial savings by extending oil service life, reduction of environmentally harmful waste products and improved reliability of oil filled equipment.

For information on oil purification and regeneration equipment, as well as for the calendar of upcoming seminars and presentations, contact us through the contacts listed the corresponding page of the website.