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Seminars Held in Argentina and Brazil

GlobeCore held two seminars in the Latin America in the beginning of April.

The seminar in Brazil was held on 2 April, the event in Argentina followed on 4 April. Both meetings focused on transformer lifetime extension, as well as electrical insulation oil purification and regeneration. Over thirty companies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay attended the seminars.

Analysis of transformer failures shows that it is only possible to improve reliability and increase the lifetime of a transformer with careful maintenance and servicing.

Some of the measures that can extend transformer lifetime are:

  1. Restoration of the dielectric strength of the paper insulation by core drying.
  2. Protection of the insulation system from moisture during installation and repairs.
  3. Processing of oil before filling OLTC, as well as timely oil change.
  4. Keeping of the required oil level in the high voltage bushings.
  5. Preparation of transformer oil for transformer filling (filtration, drying, degassing and regeneration).

GlobeCore offers equipment to address all of the above. This includes the US vacuum ovens, the Iney cold traps, the BV series vacuum units and the Mohave Heat air dryers, as well as the UVD oil filling machines, the CMM, CFU and MCU oil purification systems, the CMM-R oil regeneration units etc.

The presentations emphasized the electrical insulation oil regeneration technology, since it can both extend oil life and improve the reliability of the transformer insulation system in general. As usual, the technology was showcased using a UVR demonstrator unit to process used oil.

GlobeCore is grateful to our partners in Argentina and Brazil for the assistance in organizing and holding the seminars, and to our guests for their participation and fruitful discussions.