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Сommissioning of transformer oil processing equipment in Sri Lanka

In February 2024, GlobeCore completed a project in Sri Lanka as part of which two transformer oil reclamation and processing plants were commissioned in one go: CMM-12R and CMMu-2. The factors that made it happen include the professional contribution of service engineer Jose Mora who performed commissioning of the equipment and training of the operatingRead More

Another project for regenerating transformer oil in Eastern Ukraine

The GlobeCore team recently successfully completed an important project for regenerating transformer oil in Eastern Ukraine. To implement it, the CMM-6RL, CMM-1CF, and CMM-1LT units were used, which ensured efficient purification and restoration of the oil, as well as TOR-3 and TOR-80 devices for quality control of the oil after processing. The CMM-1CF unit facilitatedRead More

Fyrquel — special aspects of usage and treatment

Fyrquel — special aspects of usage and treatment

In this article, we will speak about Fyrquel fire-resistant liquid, in particular, its features, usage, servicing, and possible approaches to treatment and reclamation of operational properties. So, what is Fyrquel fire-resistant liquid and why are we speaking about it today? Historically, mineral oils were the first to be used in power-generating systems. However, increased temperaturesRead More


OIL TYPE TRANSFORMER MAINTENANCE The frequency of transformers maintenance depends on the importance, design features and durability of transformers. The first step towards a preventive maintenance program is testing. Testing helps us to determine when a treatment is necessary. WHY DO WE NEED TO CHECK TRANSFORMER OIL? Transformer oil is an insulator between the metalRead More

Transformer oil regeneration — theory, technologies, and equipment

Every year, thousands of tons of waste petroleum oils are generated worldwide and discharged from transformers, machine tools, presses, and compressors. This waste must not be discharged into the environment, because it pollutes water and soil, as well as kills animals and worsens human health. Therefore, disposal of used oil or regeneration thereof for reuseRead More

Webinar “Dielectric Oil Regeneration: An In-Depth Look”

Dear associates. You are invited to participate in another free-of-charge GlobeCore webinar themed as “Dielectric Oil Regeneration: An In-Depth Look” that will be held on October 12–13, 2021. During this webinar, we will discuss the following matters:   causes of transformer oil oxidation and aging;   ways to slow down transformer oil aging;   technologyRead More

GlobeCore Equipment Launch in Greece

GlobeCore equipment was launched in Athens (Greece) from 3rd to 9th October 2020. There were introduced two facilities: CMM-10 unit for filtration, drying and degassing of electrical insulating oil, and also for transformer vacuuming. СММ-12R plant for used electrical insulating oils regeneration by way of their reuse in transformers, high voltage circuit breaker and otherRead More

GlobeCore invites participants to the transformer oil regeneration webinar

Webinar: Transformer Oil Regeneration. Part 1. Theoretical aspects We will introduce the following subtopics: Regulations around dielectric oil regeneration processes. Oil parameters related to the regeneration of dielectric oil. Dielectric oil acidity. Costs associated with the regeneration of dielectric oil. Procedures and scope for oil regeneration. Date: Thursday 10 September English: 10:00 AM GMT +3Read More

Here is a chance to meet GlobeCore experts in Mexico

GlobeCore experts are scheduled to meet with Mexico’s electrical energy industry professionals on 25 February to 6 March.  The meetings will be centered around the modern technologies and equipment for transformer preventive maintenance and life extension. If this topic is of interest to you, you can meet our experts and have your questions answered. VisitRead More

Oil Polishing

Transformer Oil Polishing

In this article we will look at “oil polishing”: the meaning of the term, when this process is needed and how it is done. What is transformer oil polishing Oil is an essential part of transformer insulation system. Apart from its insulation function, it also removes heat from the core, taking some of the strainRead More

GlobeCore At Electric Power Exhibition in Colombia

On 4-6 December, GlobeCore representatives took part in the FISE-2019 international exhibition in Medellin, Colombia. The exhibition made possible a fruitful dialogue with the colleagues from Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Salvador, Bolivia and other countries. Visitors had an opportunity to see the UVR-L laboratory scale oil regeneration machine. The UVR-L is a compactRead More

GlobeCore invites participants to the electric power seminar in Peru

Dear friends! GlobeCore invites you to attend the Analysis Regeneration And Purification Of Oil To Extend The Life of Transformers seminar, which will be held on 29 November at Av Giuseppe Garibaldi 396, Jesús María 15072 Lima Perú. The seminar will be of interest for electric power company owners, engineers, research and development personnel asRead More

GlobeCore extends invitation to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition-2019

GlobeCore invites all businesses and parties interested in the implementation of innovative technologies to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition. This event is biannual, and this year will be hosted by Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky on 1-3 October. The exhibition focuses, among other things, on electric power transmission and distribution, wastewater treatment, naturalRead More

GlobeCore Invitation to Transformador LatAm 360

Transformador LatAm 360 symposium, dedicated to transformer lifecycle, will be held in Panama on 10-13 September this year. The four day event will include presentations from the leading companies in the industry of transformer servicing and lifetime extension: SDMyers, Megger, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Omicron, GlobeCore, Qualitrol and Transformer Clinic. The presented information will help improve transformerRead More


GlobeCore Seminars in Angola

At the end of June, GlobeCore representatives visited Luanda (Angola) to hold several seminars. The events were based at the largest Angolan electric power companies and were dedicated to transformer reliability improvement and lifetime extension. GlobeCore’s concept is to protect the insulation of transformer from moisture during repairs and servicing, as well as purification andRead More


GlobeCore to Hold a Seminar in Angola

GlobeCore continues with the policy of holding seminars on electrical insulation oil treatment and transformer lifetime extension around the world. The next seminar is planned for the 27 June in Luanda (Angola). We invite all representatives from the electric power industry in Africa and elsewhere to visit the event. The seminar will provide up toRead More

Seminars Held in Argentina and Brazil

GlobeCore held two seminars in the Latin America in the beginning of April. The seminar in Brazil was held on 2 April, the event in Argentina followed on 4 April. Both meetings focused on transformer lifetime extension, as well as electrical insulation oil purification and regeneration. Over thirty companies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and UruguayRead More

transformer oil

Transformer Oil: Basic Characteristics and Particulars of Use

Transformer oils are made from crude oil and are used in transformers and other electrical equipment. The oil performs two main functions: insulation and heat dissipation. Classes of transformer oil characteristics The characteristics and properties of transformer oils can be grouped into several classes: functional; properties related to purification and oxidation stability; operational; properties relatedRead More

oil processing

What is waste oil processing?

Environmental problems are most often discussed in regard to crude oil production and transportation. Oil in the environment can damage soil, water bodies and the atmosphere. Due to the high profile of these problems, certain measures have been implemented, but there are other less visible problems, such as waste oils, which do not receive nearlyRead More

GlobeCore Holds a Seminar in Thailand

A seminar on Transformer Life Extension was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 12 March 2019. The event was a joint effort by GlobeCore and TIS Group and was attended by approximately 60 representatives of electrical power companies from all over Thailand. The interest to the topic of the seminar was high due to the highRead More

GlobeCore Invites Visitors to a Seminar in Brazil

GlobeCore invites electric power industry specialists to visit our “Transformer Life Extension”, to take place on 2 April 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The seminar will be held at the following address: 06803-000 Embu das Artes – São Paulo, Av. Elias Yazbek, 2898. The seminar will be focused on the current issues of transformer reliabilityRead More

Classification of Mineral Oil Purification Methods

Petroleum based oil can be purified by chemical, physical and combined methods. The chemical processes are based on the reaction of impurities with chemicals. The reactions result in formation of substances which can be easily removed from the oil. Chemical methods include acidic treatment, dehydration by calcium compounds, dehydration and restoration by metal hydrides. ChemicalRead More

Transformer oil quality requirements

Transformer oil is a special fluid used in power transformers. The petroleum product is made by distillation using selective, phenol and acid/base purification, as well as hydrocracking. Transformer lifetime is greatly influenced by the quality and performance of transformer oil. Here are some of the criteria which transformer oils in power transformers must meet:: ReliableRead More

turbine oil regeneration

Turbine Oil Regeneration

The need for turbine oil regeneration arises when power plants generate large quantities of used oil, the quality characteristics of which cannot be restored by standard purification methods. Turbine oil in use is susceptible to aging, which causes it to lose its performance characteristics and ultimately become unusable. Such oil must be replaced. However, dyeRead More

transformer oil change

Transformer Oil Change

Transformer Oil Change is most often warranted by the results of sample analysis. There are certain parameters that indicate that the oil is in very poor condition and further use may cause transformer failure. These are oil acid number, dielectric strength and dissipation factor. Acid number shows the amount of acids in the transformer oil.Read More

insulating oil acidity reduction

Insulating Oil Acidity Reduction

Electrical insulating oils belong to energy oils class. It also includes turbine and compressor oils. Despite the name, electrical insulating oils not only prevent possible contact between energized components of transformers, they also dissipate heat and extinguish arc in electrical switches. The better the performance of an insulating oil, the more reliable the equipment andRead More

transformer oil acid neutralization

Transformer Oil Acid Neutralization

The quality of transformer oil during transformer operation can be determined by taking and analyzing samples and comparing certain parameters against the standards. These parameters include acid number, dielectric strength, dissipation factor, settling point, flashpoint etc. In this article we will look at transformer oil acid neutralization.   What is the acid number? Let usRead More

The Use of Transformer Oil in Oil-Filled High-Voltage Electrical Equipment

The reliability of high voltage transformers in severe operation conditions is mainly defined by the quality of insulation oil. Mineral transformer oil is widely used for cooling and electrical insulation in oil-filled electrical systems. Transformer oil is a product of crude oil refining, and its chemical composition is largely determined by the hydrocarbon composition ofRead More

Transformer oil desulfurization and Its Compounds with GlobeCore

Power distribution and supply systems rely on transformers, which convert voltage and amperage at the same frequency and at the same power. Reliable transformer operation depends on the condition of its insulation system, which consists of cellulose insulation and dielectric oil. Such oil is also used in other electrical equipment, such as switches, cables etc.Read More

Transformer Oil Refining Machine

Oil Reconditioning And Associated Equipment

This article is about oil reconditioning and the equipment required for this process. Let us first consider the basic types of modern industrial oil, their purposes and application. Classification of oils in the industry The main application of oils is lubrication of internal combustion engines. Depending on the purpose, the oils are classified as follows: dieselRead More

Types of Oil Regeneration Adsorbents

Both natural materials (bleaching clays, natural bauxites and zeolites) and synthetic substances (silica gel, aluminum oxide, alumina silicate catalyst and synthetic zeolite) are used for adsorption purification of mineral oil. Bleaching clay, silica gel, aluminum oxide and alumina silicate are used mostly for waste oil regeneration. Aluminum silicate used as adsorbents vary widely in chemicalRead More

Transformer Oil Deterioration

Transformer Oil Dewatering

Any oil used in electrical equipment must comply with certain requirements. I.e. its quality and parameters must not be below the values stated in regulatory documents and equipment manuals. Any deviation may lead to transformer malfunction and outrage. Some of the most important indications of oil quality are its dielectric strength, moisture and gas content.Read More

Used Oil Re-refining

Used Oil Re-refining

Petroleum based oils have a wide range of industrial uses. They lubricate, dissipate heat and provide electrical insulation in high voltage systems. The oils age in use, their performance degrades and ultimately, a large amount of potentially hazardous waste is generated. This article deals with: disposal of oil; oil regeneration; oil re-refining. Used oil disposalRead More

What makes transformer oil analysis so important

The importance of analyzing transformer oil is well known and undisputed. Beside the information on the current condition of the insulation fluid, the analysis also reveals other problems: aging of cellulose insulation, partial discharges etc. Full and abbreviated analysis can be performed on the transformer oil. The process of transformer maintenance has been rapidly developingRead More

Acid number of transformer oil

Any transformer oil, even very well purified, contains some amount of naphthenic acids. These substances are part of any crude oil. Acids, in certain concentration, can damage the construction materials of a transformer. If the oil also contains water, the so called metallic soap forms. These substances accelerate oil oxidation. They gradually accumulate in theRead More

Transformer Oil Corrosive Sulfur Removal

The corrosive sulfur removal problem with transformer oil is widely known. Corrosive sulfur is the cause of contact disruption, forms deposits on copper and silver surfaces and interferes with the operation of winding winding and oil-filled switches. How corrosive sulfur appears in transformer oil The most natural origin of sulfur and sulfur compounds in transformerRead More

GlobeCore Equipment Presented in Poland

Energetab, the largest exhibition of modern energy equipment and technologies in Poland was held in Bielsko-Biala on 11-13 September 2018. This year’s exhibition included 712 companies over more than 35 000 m2 of exhibition floor. Among other exhibitors, GlobeCore presented two of its units: the CMM-0.6 and the UVR-L (laboratory). The СММ-0.6 is a compactRead More


Oil Regeneration

Transformers play an essential role in power transmission and distribution. Electricity generated by power plants cannot be supplied to residential and industrial consumers directly. Voltage is increased for long-range transmission and must be reduced before this power can be used for running industrial machinery or powering air conditioners and computers in households. Such transmission ofRead More

Fuller's Earth

Special Aspects and Differences of Transformer Oil Regeneration in GlobeCore MCU and CMM-R units

GlobeCore offers several models of transformer oil regeneration units. This article looks into the differences between regeneration in MCU and CMM-R types. Application The MCU units are designed for partial regeneration of transformer oil, which includes removal of water, water-soluble acids and particulate matter. The CMM-R, on the other hand, performs complete regeneration, including removalRead More

Oil Clarification Systems

Insulating Oil Clarification Systems

Insulation oil is a general term for industrial oils used in high voltage systems. This groups includes transformer, capacitor and cable oils. This article looks into the features of such oils and insulating oil clarification systems. Transformer oil is widely used in modern transformers as an insulation and heat dissipation medium. It also protects celluloseRead More

Transformer oil recovery

Transformer oil recovery

Transformer oil recovery is a powerful tool in combating waste pollution. A staggering amount of waste oil is generated in the world each year. Unfortunately, a lot of countries have yet to formulate sound policies in handling this type of waste, therefore much oil is spilled into the ground or water bodies, causing irreparable harmRead More

Oil Refining Machine

Transformer Oil Refining Machine CMM-0.6

A Transformer Oil Refining Machine is a device that can make aged oil as good as new. Why is oil refining useful and important? During operation of a transformer, oil undergoes profound changes, usually referred to as “aging”. With this aging, there are changes in the chemical and electrophysical parameters of the oil. Its electricalRead More

Transformer oil regeneration seminar in Costa Rica

On 10 May, GlobeCore held a transformer oil regeneration seminar in San Jose, Costa Rica, in cooperation with ELMEC S.A. and with the participation of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR).   The event was attended by more than 70 people, who represented 25 companies from Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Columbia, Honduras and Salvador. Traditionally, the seminarRead More

Transformer oil Degradation

Transformer Oil Degradation Analysis

Transformer oil degradation is a process caused by a number of factors. It can be the result of thermal, mechanical stresses and a few other things. Aging of transformer oil leads to many possible failures. That is why proper transformer maintenance is important. Transformer oil maintenance Maintenance of transformer oil should include several important phases,Read More

Fuller's Earth

Oil Purification with Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s Earth is a natural material with a high absorption capacity, consisting mainly of attapulgite. Refers to the bleaching and purifying clay species. Fuller’s earth has wide range of usage in different spheres: сosmetics production, chemistry, industry. Mainly this material is widely used for oil purification. Fuller’s Earth Features Origin Fuller’s earth (also called MontmorilloniteRead More

GlobeCore Holds a Seminar for Electricity Industry Specialists

On 12-13 March 2018, a two day seminar for electrical power industry specialists was held in GlobeCore head office in Oldenburg, Germany. The seminar was attended by representatives of 14 companies from 6 countries (Germany, the US, the UK, Italy, the UAE and Nigeria). Other speakers, beside GlobeCore, were representatives of Maschinenfabrick Reinhausen and Seifert Transformatorentechnik.Read More

GlobeCore has organized and conducted a seminar in the USA

March 2-3, 2018 in Houston, GlobeCore held a seminar for representatives of the Texas electric power industry. During the seminar were discussed the issues of aging processes in electrical insulating oils influencing the efficiency of power transformers, including a report on the topic “Purification and regeneration of transformer oils with GlobeCore equipment”. The practical partRead More

Presentation of GlobeCore equipment in Oldenburg

March 5, 2018 a regular presentation of oil purification and regeneration equipment was held in the International Training Center of GlobeCore (Oldenburg, Germany). This time the event was attended by representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and their partners from Qatar. First of all, the guests were interested in the possibilities of GlobeCore equipment for processingRead More

Fuel Purification

Fuel Purification

REMOVING IMPURITIES FROM FUEL Fuel Purification is a process mandatory after long term storage or contact with air. There are many methods of removing water and particulate matter from motor fuels. The most common methods are settling, centrifugation and filtration. Of course, all processes have both advantages and limitation, and research into the development ofRead More

Oil reclaiming

Oil reclaiming

It would be hard to imagine the modern industries without a variety of machines and mechanisms that improve the production processes in all branches of the national economy. Typically, these machines include knots of friction and adhesion, which wear out in time, due to intensive abrasion of metal parts. The friction is reduced by theRead More

Regeneration of used oil: reality and perspectives

Today, the largest share of consumed lubricants belongs to petroleum based oils. The upward trend of this product requires new and improved existing methods of collection, processing and regeneration. One of the most economical ways of handling oil resources is regeneration of used oil directly on site.  As oil aging have a great impact onRead More

Globecore equipment

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Costa Rica

Ladies and gentlemen! GlobeCore invites you to take part in the seminar “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”. Date: 10.05.2018. Location: Radisson San José, Costa Rica. Calle Central y Tercera Av. 15. P.O. Box 538-2120. Calle Blancos, San José, Costa Rica. Seminar program: Discussion of the effect of the oil aging processes on the efficiencyRead More

Oil recycling machine

Oil recycling machine

Oil Recycling technologies and ways of realization Oil recycling is an important direction in handling mankind’s industrial waste. To make the existing ecological situation better, it is vitally important to organize a proper waste oil collection and delivery to specialized enterprises engaged in oil recycling. Oil recycling is not exactly a new problem. Recent yearsRead More

turbine oil regeneration

Turbine Oil Regeneration in hydroelectric plants

The nonrenewable energy sources such as oil, gas, shale and coal compels humanity to look at alternative resources, in particular, at the energy of water, wind and sun. Hydroelectric power plants and storage hydroelectric power stations occupy a special place in the modern energy systems, balancing the loads when load changes, and storing energy forRead More

oil bleaching

Oil Bleaching

Any oil used in manufacturing or in any other industry becomes contaminated with time. This reflects not only on the oil’s color, but also on its physical and chemical properties. Naturally, light oil looks better. The main task of purification is to remove impurities, such as resins, certain hydrocarbons, solid particles and water from theRead More

GlobeCore invites to the seminar in Germany

Ladies and gentlemen! GlobeCore invites you to take part in the seminar “Purification and regeneration of industrial oils”. Date: March 12-13 2018 Location: Oldenburg, Edewechter Landstrasse, 173. Seminar program: Discussion of the effect of the oil aging processes on the efficiency of power transformers; Report on “Transformer oils purification and regeneration units from GlobeCore”; DemonstrationRead More


Several Presentations of GlobeCore Equipment in the Philippines

In the beginning of December, our representative visited the island nation of the Philippines to present GlobeCore oil purification and regeneration equipment to the local oil refining industry. The presentations were organized on 4-7 December in five cities: Bulacan, Marilao, Valenzuela, Cabuyao and Consolacion. Operation of the regeneration equipment was illustrated by a UVR technologyRead More

Globecore presentation

GlobeCore Transformer Oil Regeneration Equipment Presentation Held in Qatar

21 November, Doha, Qatar: GlobeCore presents mineral oil purification and regeneration units.   The event was attended by representatives of KAHRAMAA (Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation), the main power and water supplier in the country. Also were present the representatives of Al Dana Switchgear company (A Subsidiary of AALCO Group) which were the co-organizers ofRead More


GlobeCore Opens a New Service Center in Costa-Rica

Dear friends! We are happy to announce that a new service center commenced operations in Costa-Rica in November 2017. This service center will assist our clients throughout the Latin America. A stock of spare parts will be made available to the clients. It is also possible to visit the new service center to purify andRead More

Transformer maintenance

Transformer maintenance

Normal operation of electrical devices depends on regular maintenance. Transformer maintenance is a prerequisite for its reliable operation. How often is it necessary to perform transformer maintenance? It is not easy to give a clear answer to this question, since it depends on the technical condition of the equipment and no two units are theRead More

Oil Recovery

How Oil Recovery is carried out

Oil Recovery To date, oil recovery occupies an important place in the environmental policy of every country. Petroleum products contaminated with various impurities (metal particles, water, dirt, oxidation products, etc.) significantly deteriorate and must be collected and recovered. Oil recovery is re-use of oil, both for its original and other purposes. Below is the analysisRead More

waste oil reclamation

Oil reclamation

Waste oil reclamation? At this stage of technological progress, there is an urgent need for proper waste handling. Oil product waste, including used oils, is no exception. Unfortunately, many countries still do not process industrial oils. Often waste oil is simply poured into reservoirs or soil, and at best – burned to obtain heat. Although,Read More

GlobeCore seminar In Quito

During 2 days, May 3-4 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore held a seminar presenting its equipment The event was attended by representatives of the electricity industry from many countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The seminar covered the following questions: General information about GlobeCore; Modern technologies in cleaning and regeneration ofRead More

GlobeCore presentation – Gulf Industry Fair in Bahrain

February 7-9, 2017 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre hosted a Gulf Industry Fair 2017. The fair was held in Manama (the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain) and brought together the leading manufacturers of equipment for energy industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc. The exhibition was first held in 2008. Since then it was visited by more thanRead More

The CMM-10-10 unit commissioned in Asyut (Egypt)

January 11 – 13, 2017, GlobeCore technical team visited Asyut (Egypt). They carried out the start-up and commissioning of the CMM-10-10 plant, which would service the power transformers at local substation. This equipment cleans insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, and also treats the power transformers with high vacuum. The unit operates inRead More


Guests from Ethiopia Visit the GlobeCore International Training Center in Oldenburg

On 14 November 2016 GlobeCore main office hosted visitors again. This time, the visitors, interested in mineral oil and fuel treatment technologies, as well as efficient power transformer servicing, came from Ethiopia. A GlobeCore specialist held a presentation for the guests, describing the capabilities of equipment designed for: mineral oil filtration; mineral oil degassing; mineralRead More

Ecuador. Start up of Oil Regeneration Equipment in the highlands. CMM-12R

August 25, Ecuador (in Quito) GlobeCore engineers started up a CMM-12R plant. The test run of the unit showed great results – dielectric loss tangent measurements of 0,7% at 90°C were achieved  (initial value 11%); also, breakdown voltage was increased to 80 kV. Note that the CMM-12R plant has the following advantages: twenty-four-hour regeneration ofRead More

Bulgarian delegation visits GlobeCore office in Oldenburg

June 1, 2016: GlobeCore head office held a presentation of the company’s products This time we welcomed our guests from Bulgaria to demonstrate our technology of processing electrical insulation oil in power transformers. A GlobeCore lead engineer demonstrated the company’s experience and capabilities of the equipment for: filtration of mineral oil; degassing of mineral oil;Read More

Seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil held in Oldenburg

April 21-22, 2016 the GlobeCore German office in Oldenburg held a seminar on purification and regeneration of mineral oil. This event was attended by delegates from Belgium, the UK and the Czech Republic. Note that there is a successful International Training Center in Oldenburg, where anyone can take a course in operating GlobeCore oil filteringRead More

Guests from Switzerland visited German office GlobeCore

February 2 guests from Switzerland visited German office of GlobeCore in Oldenburg. Representatives of a Swiss company: director and a chief engineer expressed a wish to get acquainted with GlobeCore’s equipment and to assess its possible application in their manufacturing – the production of lubricants and other petroleum products. The guests were shown recycling capabilitiesRead More

GlobeCore brings its technology of transformer oil reclamation to Kyrgyzstan

Transformer oil reclamation to Kyrgyzstan  In December 2015 our company’s specialists visited Kyrgyzstan (the cities of Bishkek and Osh), where they made several presentations for the power industry representatives. The presentations were focues on transformer oil regeneration process to improve transformer reliability and extend lifetime. GlobeCore offers unique technology, which allows to restore used transformerRead More


Insulating oil

Insulating oil in Power Transformer Oil-impregnated paper is widely used in power transmission equipment as a reliable insulation. However, copper sulphide deposition on oil-paper insulation can lead to insulation failures in power transformers. The paper shows the influences of copper sulfur corrosion and copper sulphide deposition on copper wires and oil-paper insulation in power transformers.Read More

Transformer Oil Reclamation Round-the-Clock: It’s Real Now!

Transformer Oil Reclamation GlobeCore is a customer oriented and driven company.  GlobeCore always considers the wishes and needs of its customers in the planning, designing, and production of it advanced line of industrial equipment. GlobeCore‘s employees are always eager to visit different conferences, lectures, presentations to gain relevant information on revolutionary new ways to produceRead More

A Business Trip to Armenia – The problems of transformer oil regeneration

The problems of transformer oil regeneration At the end of February, the GlobeCore representatives arrived in Yerevan (Armenia) on a working visit. The aim of the travel was to deliver a presentation of GlobeCore equipment to representatives of the electric power industry in Armenia. Aleksandra Podpriatova, the manager of the company, held a get-to-know presentation.Read More

An international electric energy conference held in Kazakhstan

In the beginning of April this year, in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, an annual international electric energy conference was held. Such events allow to demonstrate and discuss with specialists own developments in the field, as well as evaluate perspective developments by other companies. This conference could not be left unattended by GlobeCore.The company manager’s report focused onRead More

GlobeCore has produced a giant new Oil Regeneration machine

The Use of Fuller’s Earth in the Regeneration of Contaminated Transformer Oil Oil Regeneration machine Contemporary approaches to the regeneration of used/contaminated transformer oil will be examined in this article.  It has been shown through research and real world field experience, that mobile oil reclamation equipment of the CMM-R type, manufactured by GlobeCore, is perfectly suited for thisRead More

Regeneration of turbine oil by Fuller’s earth

Turbine oil is used for lubrication of various components of steam and gas turbines, hydrocompressors, turbine pumps, hydro-turbines and similar equipment. Turbine oil can also be used as fluid in regulation systems.The oils can be natural or synthetic. The former are made from crude oil distillates after deep purification. The necessary properties are ensired byRead More

Industrial oils regeneration

Industrial oils regeneration Long use of industrial and motor oil causes accumulation of oxidation products and other contaminants. Together these substances adversely affect oil performance, drastically reducing the oil’s quality. To avoid failures of costly equipment, old used oils should be changed with new. Old oil is collected for special regeneration processing. Such operations savesRead More

Used oil regeneration

Used oil regeneration Transformer oils perform several functions. They operate as liquid insulation and heat dissipation medium in oil filled switches, transformers, power cables and high voltage capacitors. Besides, they also act as arc extinguisher. Transformer oil is made by purification of petroleum oils, made in turn from crude oil. The crude oil originates fromRead More

Restoration of Used Oil by Physical and Chemical Methods

Restoration of Used Oil The following are some of the most popular oil regeneration methods and represent a combination of physical and chemical purification methods.  These methods include Ion exchange, coagulation, selective contaminate solution and adsorption. The process of coagulation makes particulate matter in the oil larger grow larger.  This is possible with the introductionRead More

Oil Filled Electric Power Transformer Repairs: Types and Causes

Oil Filled Electric Power Transformer According to international standards, oil filled electric power transformer repairs are divided into three types: (1) minor repairs; (2) moderate repairs (Intermediate Maintenance); and (3) complete overhaul (Depot Maintenance).  Minor repairs usually include only preventive maintenance, although some minor corrective maintenance may be included in this category.  Minor repairs, includingRead More

Method for oil regeneration

Method for oil regeneration In the process of operation, oil stability gradually decreases due to oxidation by atmospheric oxygen, by the action of sunlight, due to the heat influence, decomposition of insulating materials, etc. For control of the oil quality  in the oil-filled equipment there are used various kinds of chemical analysis and oil tests.Read More