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Several Presentations of GlobeCore Equipment in the Philippines


In the beginning of December, our representative visited the island nation of the Philippines to present GlobeCore oil purification and regeneration equipment to the local oil refining industry.

The presentations were organized on 4-7 December in five cities: Bulacan, Marilao, Valenzuela, Cabuyao and Consolacion. Operation of the regeneration equipment was illustrated by a UVR technology demonstrator, which operates with samples of electrical insulation, turbine, industrial and other types of oil. Beside restoring the dielectric strength of the oil, the samples are restored to their natural color and smell.

The presentations were focused on the main aspects of regeneration equipment operation, with the GlobeCore expert answering the delegates’ questions after the presentations.

The capabilities of GlobeCore purification equipment sparked interest in our colleagues from the Philippines, and we hope that further cooperation is the logical step forward from this visit.