GlobeCore / Oil regeneration / Oil regeneration Our participation in MEE – 2013 at Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

Oil regeneration Our participation in MEE – 2013 at Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

Oil regeneration Our participation in MEE – 2013 at Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

Our company is well known around the globe. We’ve supplied our products to the countries of Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, etc.

We are always conscious of our customers’ needs to provide them with the best solutions and service. This is why GlobeCore`s managers and engineers often make presentations in terms of various different exhibition.

We particularly attended Middle East Electricity Exhibition – 2013 in Dubai to report a technology of oil regeneration implemented into GlobeCore machine CMM-R.

Darina Shadad, GlobeCore`s sales manager, to attend the exhibition, reported difference between transformer oil regeneration (reclamation) and oil purification as well as main operating principles of CMM-R.


GlobeCore Sales Manager Darina Shadad at Middle East Electricity Exhibition in Dubai, UAE

Darina also noted that insulation was the most important part of a transformer to maintain as it was the weakest link of any of it. Life of insulation is the life of a transformer itself. Insulation requires early and swift attention.

In oil purification (degassing) the following specifications are most important: dielectric strength; color; flash point; interfacial tension; pour point; specific gravity; viscosity; neutralization number or acid number. But for regeneration such factors as: water content; tan delta also known as power factor or electrical dissipation factor; oxidation stability also matter.

Regeneration is the complete treatment of oil to “like new” condition. When oil purification or degassing is no longer effective, oil must be either changed what they mostly do today or regenerated, getting a perfect alternative. Another advantage of oil regeneration is the oil price. In the days of economical crisis it reached 150 US $ per barrel. But now customers don’t need to worry because now they don’t need to buy new oil as they can just regenerate it.

Besides, our equipment is environmentally friendly. This factor is very important today, because to have investors motivated, manufacturers have got to demonstrate “green” and environmentally friendly approaches. CMM-R unit reactivates sorbent except of oil regeneration.

Here you get a summary of CMM-R’s advantages:

  • You don`t need to disconnect a transformer because the machine treats energized transformer, as result there’s no money loss and no unsatisfied customers.
  • Low labor cost – to manage these equipments one requires the only operator.
  • No transportation of transformer oil.
  • No need to buy new oil – you need just to regenerate old oil to get “like new”condition of it.
  • No environmental polllutions – our equipment isenvironmentally friendly because it excludes sorbent utilization.
  • No atmospheric discharge.

So, you’ve got to make a right decision.



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