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Transformer Oil Reclamation Round-the-Clock: It’s Real Now!

Transformer Oil Reclamation

GlobeCore is a customer oriented and driven company.  GlobeCore always considers the wishes and needs of its customers in the planning, designing, and production of it advanced line of industrial equipment.

GlobeCore‘s employees are always eager to visit different conferences, lectures, presentations to gain relevant information on revolutionary new ways to produce new equipment and improve existing equipment lines.

A good example of such activity is the modernization of the GlobeCore CMM-12R unit that is designed to fully restore the performance characteristics of transformer and other kinds of industrial oils and fluids.

The benefits of the CMM-12R unit include:

(1) uninterrupted transformer oil reclamation for 24 hours a day with no stops for sorbent unloading and reloading;

(2) improved software makes it possible to control the condition of all significant parts of the unit including remote operation;

(3) equipment controlled by GSM-module;

(4) no transformer oil losses during regeneration;

(5) trouble-free connection to the transformer (an experienced operator can do it in 20-25 minutes);

(6) the climate controlled operator’s room is equipped with a computer;

(7) the capacity of the CMM-12R is about 4 m3 per hour/1056 Gals, per hour.

The CMM-R12 is able to perform oil regeneration operations on site.  The unit will remove water, moisture, and contamination from the windings and solid insulation utilizing a Fuller’s Earth renewable sorbent.  The sorbent itself can be reactivated many times eliminating the need to stop the regeneration process to unload and reload sorbent.  Use of the GlobeCore Process regeneration technology can extend the service life of the electric power transformer up to 20  years and beyond.Transformer Oil Reclamation