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GlobeCore Holds a Seminar in Thailand

A seminar on Transformer Life Extension was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 12 March 2019.

The event was a joint effort by GlobeCore and TIS Group and was attended by approximately 60 representatives of electrical power companies from all over Thailand. The interest to the topic of the seminar was high due to the high cost of new transformers and the high standards of power electric power supply reliability. Our company’s experience shows that timely and regular servicing can extend transformer life by a minimum by 10 to 15 years.

GlobeCore manufactures a wide range of products to service transformers throughout the life cycle: electric insulation oil purification and regeneration machines, vacuum drying ovens, evacuation units, oil filling machines etc. The regeneration technology holds a special place among those, since it allows to restore unusable oil for continued use in a transformer. Such approach not only saves money, but keeps the entire insulation system of the transformer, i.e. its most vulnerable component, in good condition.

The seminar in Bangkok was divided into three subsections: first, the familiarization of the guests with GlobeCore technologies and equipment; second, a practical demonstration of regeneration capability using a laboratory scale UVR machine; and third, a questions and answers session.

GlobeCore would like to thank TIS Group for help and support and all the participants for their interest to the problem of transformer lifetime extension and its solutions.