GlobeCore / Oil regeneration / Bulgarian delegation visits GlobeCore office in Oldenburg

Bulgarian delegation visits GlobeCore office in Oldenburg

June 1, 2016: GlobeCore head office held a presentation of the company’s products

This time we welcomed our guests from Bulgaria to demonstrate our technology of processing electrical insulation oil in power transformers.

A GlobeCore lead engineer demonstrated the company’s experience and capabilities of the equipment for:

  • filtration of mineral oil;
  • degassing of mineral oil;
  • regeneration of mineral oil;
  • vacuum treatment of power transformer;
  • drying solid insulation of power transformers, etc.

The greatest interest was attracted by the oil regeneration technology. It is no surprise, since with the accumulation of environmental problems every year, it is becoming more and more important to regenerate and reuse resources and raw materials, waste oil no exception,

Note that GlobeCore has a unique technology that completely restores the performance of insulating oil without draining it from transformers and without the need to take transformers offline. This technology is used in the CMM-R unit.

At the end of the presentation there was a practical demonstration of GlobeCore equipment capabilities. GlobeCore International Training Center also trains personnel in operating oil filtering equipment.


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