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Transformer Oil Refining Machine CMM-0.6

Oil Refining Machine

A Transformer Oil Refining Machine is a device that can make aged oil as good as new. Why is oil refining useful and important? During operation of a transformer, oil undergoes profound changes, usually referred to as “aging”. With this aging, there are changes in the chemical and electrophysical parameters of the oil. Its electrical insulation properties deteriorate, which leads to number of problems and failures. That is why oil refining is essential in the energy industry.

The problems of aged oil

Aged transformer oil has a range of problems. First of all, it is crucial to understand which factors lead to mineral oil aging:

  • Temperature

Oil temperature has a strong influence on the speed of oxidation reactions. Oxidation is one of the most harmful problems which itself gives a start to several subsequent deteriorative processes.

  • Oxidation products

The products of oil oxidation have a colossal influence on the system. First of all, a strong influence is the sludge formed during the oxidation of oil hydrocarbons. Under the influence of the sediment, a considerable acceleration of the aging of solid insulation can occur.

  • Corrosion

The metals in oil-impregnated systems operating at constant voltage corrode as a result of oxidation. Formation of slick on top of the metals inside is also possible, which increases contact resistance. It means corrosion influences the efficiency of the oil system.

As we can see, all changes in transformer oils are related and can have different consequences. Therefore it is necessary to service oil-filled equipment regularly and in time. Of course, it is possible to simply replace transformer oil with new oil. However, the more economically reasonable option is the use of transformer oil refining machine.

Oil Refining

Oil refining is the process of recycling used aged oils. Its purpose is to return used oil to the previous clear condition. This process usually consists of:

  • Oil Tests

There are many different methods of oil analysis to determine its condition, volume of impurities and their origin.

  • Removing chemical impurities, heavy metals and dirt

This is usually the main part of oil maintenance. Its goal is to clarify contaminated and aged transformer oil. It is a rather reasonable alternative to changing the oil. First of all, it saves resources, which means lower expenses. The second advantage is that there is no need for additional costs for oil disposal, which can be expensive and problematic.

Oil can be restored with a transformer oil refining machine. It is an automatic unit that can deal with a of range transformer oil problems.

Transformer Oil Refining Machine – Opportunities

Let’s talk about the advantages and capabilities of oil refining equipment. As was mentioned before, a transformer oil refining machine can automatically work deal different problems.

GlobeCore CMM-0.6

This unit can maintain transformer oil in many different ways. It is a multifunctional automatic machine. First of all, the CMM-0.6 is a unit which can purify transformer oil, removing solid particles and different liquid contaminants. The CMM-0.6 transformer oil refining machine is one of  the best options GlobeCore can offer for transformer oil regeneration and purification.

The machine also functions a degasser and dryer. All processes are easy to control with a push of a button on the control panel.

For more details, please contact our office. Any unit can be custom designed for individual requirements and needs.


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