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GlobeCore At Electric Power Exhibition in Colombia

On 4-6 December, GlobeCore representatives took part in the FISE-2019 international exhibition in Medellin, Colombia.

The exhibition made possible a fruitful dialogue with the colleagues from Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Salvador, Bolivia and other countries. Visitors had an opportunity to see the UVR-L laboratory scale oil regeneration machine.

The UVR-L is a compact machine, especially well suited to demonstrate the potential of regeneration technologies at exhibitions and seminars, but it can also be used to great effect in laboratories to test the efficiency of sorbent media for oil regeneration, calculation of regeneration process duration etc.

GlobeCore also manufactures the much larger UVR and CMM-R regeneration systems. The former are used for old transformer, turbine and industrial oils, while the latter allow to regenerate oil directly from the transformer tank and to remove sludge from transformer windings.