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New GlobeCore partnership in Africa: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited

Our company is already well known in many countries around the world. Now we have found a new partner in Aftica: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) has teamed up with GlobeCore to upgrade their transformer oil purification plants.

The decision was made after a recommendation from a colleague, who operates eighteen GlobeCore 10000 LPH Mobile Oil Purification Plants

Uganda and its neghbouring countries will recieve almost 3.5 billion dollars of aid in the next several years from the World Bank, intended for construction of Kawanda-Masaka power transmission line and Karuma power plant. The African continent is in dire need of funds. Today only 3 – 5% of Uganda population have access to electric power. Many cities in the north of Uganda do not have any electricity.

However, until the aid arrives in Uganda, there is a lot that can be done in terms of preserving power and distribution transformers. UETCL specialists understand the importance of transformer maintenance quite well. According to Christopher Mutyaba, the Head of Maintenance Department of Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited, the organization is looking forward to improve their technology processes in cooperation with GlobeCore, which is especially important in regard to transformer lifetime extention.

Our company manufactures oil purification and regeneration plants with flow rates ranging from 160 to 10000 LPH. Timely purification and regeneration of transformer oil extends transformer lifetime by protecting transformer insulation system and core.

During the trip to Uganda, our professionals visited a substation of UETCL.

Transformers in Uganda oftern break down, and the populace remains without electricity for six months at a time due to the long process of transformer repairs.

The latest GlobeCore equipment, based on the new process developments, can solve this problem for UETCL by purifying the oil. As UETCL maintains many substations in remote locations, the GlobeCore oil purification plant is to have fully automated PLC controls and a GSM module for minimal supervision.

We have also organized a seminar for UETCL staff to share our experience in transformer oil regeneration with Fuller’s earth and discuss environmental and operational benefits of oil regeneration as opposed to replacing old oil with new.


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