GlobeCore / Oil Filtration / GlobeCore equipment launch in Turkey

GlobeCore equipment launch in Turkey

From October 17 to October 23, 2021, GlobeCore engineers were visiting Dargeçit (Turkey) where they held another equipment launch.

As a result, СMM-8.0 unit became completely operable in Turkey. The main purpose of this unit is purification, drying, and degassing of electrical insulating and lubricating oils. In degassing, drying, and filtration mode, the equipment operates with the capacity of 8 cubic meters per hour, and in heating and filtration mode — 15 cubic meters per hour.

After processing, the oil has the following parameters:

  • gas content by volume – not more than 0.2%;
  • moisture content by weight – not more than 6.0 ppm;
  • filtration fineness – not more than 1 micron.

Owing to the presence of a two-stage vacuum system, CMM-8.0 unit can also be used to vacuumize third-party equipment, for example, power transformer tanks to which it is conveniently delivered because of being mounted on a two-axle wheeled trailer.

If you are interested in this kind of equipment, please contact our technical professionals using the chatroom or the contact details of the appropriate website section.