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GlobeCore at Concapan-2018

One of the largest events in the Central American electric energy industry, Concapan-2018, was held on 7 – 9 November in San Salvador.

GlоbeCore participated in the event in cooperation with out partner, Grupo Saytec S. A. de C. V. Visitors of our combined exhibition booth were able to see the the CMM-4/7 unit. This equipment not only degasses transformer oil, but also heats and dehydrates the oil, removing solid particles. The CMM-4/7 is an excellent solution for many electric energy companies, since it can also heat oil filled electrical equipment with oil, vacuum dry and evacuate power transformers. The application of the TSS safety system makes it possible to process the oil in an energized transformer.

The CMM-4/7 is fully automated. There is a variety of operations, including trailerized version for mobility and quick servicing of remote transformers. No wonder that many visitors were quite interested in the equipment.

GlobeCore is grateful to the Concapan-2018 organizers, the Grupo Saytec S. A. de C. V company and everyone who demonstrated their interest in our equipment over the three days. We are looking forward to seeing you in our seminars and conferences.