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GlobeCore Equipment Launch in Peru

GlobeCore technicians launched the CMM-4/7 unit in March. The launch was carried out near the city of Lima (Peru).

CMM-4/7 unit is an indispensable equipment for almost any energy company. This is due to the wide range of functions that this unit has and which are used in the maintenance of transformers. So, with the help of CMM-4/7 you can perform:

  • transformer oil filtration;
  • transformer oil drying;
  • transformer oil degassing;
  • transformer oil heating;
  • transformer vacuuming

Special features of CMM-4/7 plant launched in Peru:

  • all the work processes are automatized. The participation of the operator in the process of operation of the installation is minimized and consists in selecting the required operating mode on the touch panel;
  • the plant is mobile (mounted on a trailer), that allows to quickly move it using a service car for transformers servicing;
  • unit capacity is 4 cubic meters per hour for degassing, drying and filtration.

Also, as part of the launch, a week-long theoretical and practical training course for service personnel was held.