GlobeCore / Oil Filtration / CMM-10 Commissioning in Indonesia

CMM-10 Commissioning in Indonesia

A GlobeCore team visited Jakarta, Indonesia on 18 – 28 October 2018 to commission yet another unit.

This time, a CMM-10 unit entered service in one of Jakarta’s transformer substations. This type of equipment is used to purify electrical insulation oil, removing solid particles, water and gases; the unit can also evacuate power transformers.

Depending on the task at hand, the CMM-10 offers the following functions:

  • transformer heating. Oil is pumped through a filter, then through a heater;
  • oil degassing. In this mode, the oil passes not only through the filter and the heater, but also through a vacuum column. Gases and water are removed along with particulate matter;
  • evacuation of transformer with the unit’s vacuum pumps.

For more information on the CMM-10, please refer to the Contacts section of the website and send us an enquiry.


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