GlobeCore equipment presented at the FISE international exhibition

From April 5 to April 7, 2022, the FISE international exhibition was held in the city of Medellin (Colombia).

FISE is one of the largest electrical exhibitions in Latin America, held biannually and gathering representatives from dozens of countries.

This year, our partner company Macsint participated in the exhibition, which, among other things, presented the GlobeCore CMM-0.6 unit to the visitors. This unit purifies and degasses electrical insulating oils used in transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers, oil-filled bushings, on-load tap-changers, etc. The oil-processing capacity of the unit is 600 liters per hour. The main advantages of CMM-0.6 are its compact dimensions and mobility, which is achieved by installing it on a wheeled trolley. This equipment can be used even in limited space.

GlobeCore also produces CMM-0.6 units that can be used offshore: on ships, in ports and on drilling rigs.