GlobeCore / News / Workshop on filtration and recovery of mineral oils took place in the South African Republic

Workshop on filtration and recovery of mineral oils took place in the South African Republic


On May 31 GlobeCore held a workshop on filtration and recovery of mineral oils in Cape Town.

The event was attended by representatives of companies dealing with repairs and maintenance of power transformers. GlobeCore representative Mr. Frank May introduced equipment produced by our company to the participants. In particular, the following equipment was discussed: plants for filtration, vacuum degasing and regeneration of mineral oils, units for filling oil into transformers as well as hot air drying units.

There is a good reason why GlobeCore equipment interested the representatives of electric power industry of South Africa: our company offers package solutions aiming to raise operating reliability and to prolong service life of power transformers.

Of particular interest was the technology of oil regeneration be Fuller’s Earth. СММ-R plants are designed specifically for recovery of dielectric strength and chemical composition of insulating oils. This equipment is able to purify oil, removing decay products and acids. This also clarifies the oil and improves its resistance to oxidation. Also, gas dissolution decreases.

СММ-R plants regenerate oil directly in a transformer, energized or not. Running the process on an energized transformer allows to dissolve remove the residue accumulated in winding insulation when the oil passes through the sorbent (Fuller’s Earth).

After saturation, the Fuller’s Earth is reactivated and can be reused in transformer oil regeneration process.

Traditionally, GlobeCore not only introduces its equipment and answers questions, but also demonstrates operation of its products. Contaminated oil samples were processed by a laboratory-scale СММ-R unit. The results can be seen in the photos below.