GlobeCore / News / GlobeCore company helped Ukrzaliznytsia railroad company in Ukraine

GlobeCore company helped Ukrzaliznytsia railroad company in Ukraine

Railway company executives have ordered the transformer oil regeneration at one of their traction substations in the Lviv region from the GlobeCore company. Four GlobeCore specialists have taken care of the transformer by mean of three units for several days. This is about two СММ-6RL units and one CMM-1CF one.

CMM-6RL units were developed by GlobeCore for the regeneration of transformer oils. The oil is passed through the unit’s six columns, each of which contains 75 kilograms of fuller’s earth adsorbent. All harmful impurities and aging products are retained in the adsorbent granules. The oil breakdown voltage increases, the acid value and the dielectric loss tangent decrease.

 Since the railroad transformer was in use for about 50 years, the CMM-1CF unit came to the aid of the CMM-6RL one. CMM-1CF is intended for cleaning extra watered industrial, hydraulic, turbine, transformer and other industrial oils, as well as diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline. The installation works on the principle of water removal by coagulation. When the oil is passed through a special filter element, water molecules combine into drops and flow down the surface of the filter into a sump. Then the water is simply drained through a special tap.

The used oil regained its properties due to purification and regeneration. Railway operators will use it in the transformer for insulation and heat removal purposes again for a long time.