GlobeCore / News / GlobeCore Representative Participated in the Veracruz State Engineers Congress (Mexico)

GlobeCore Representative Participated in the Veracruz State Engineers Congress (Mexico)

GlobeCore service engineer, Jose Mora, participated in an important event for the engineering community of Mexico – the Veracruz State Engineers Congress. The event took place on May 18-19, 2023, and gathered representatives from various companies and organizations working in the fields of electrical engineering and power engineering.

At the congress, Jose Mora presented the GlobeCore company with a report on transformer operation safety. His expertise and experience in this field caught the attention of participants, and Jose was invited to conduct a separate practical lesson on the application of the Duval triangle method for transformer diagnostics. Over 90 participants were present at the lesson, including engineers from the CFE company, one of the leading power operators in Mexico.

Jose Mora shared his experience and knowledge with the audience, revealing methods and technologies that help improve safety and ensure effective operation of transformers. The attendees were impressed by the depth of his expertise and practical examples demonstrating the advantages of using the Duval triangle method.

This event proved to be a great forum for exchanging experiences and establishing partnership ties between professionals from different companies. Jose Mora’s participation on behalf of GlobeCore underscores our role in advancing innovative solutions in the transformer service industry.

At GlobeCore, we will continue to strive for new achievements and use the knowledge and experience gained to further improve the quality and efficiency of our products. We hope that Jose Mora’s participation in the congress has brought benefits not only to our company but also to the entire energy sector of Mexico.