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GlobeCore attended a prestigious conference in the USA

The event was attended by nearly 500 players of the electronics and electrical engineering market including both scientists and practitioners.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) hosted the annual conference of the IEEE PES TRANSFORMERS COMMITTEE. This time, the event took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

GlobeCore was represented by Dave Wilson from the USA and Jose Mora from Latin America.

The IEEE is a reputable representative entity of the industry’s professionals. Every year, its specialists develop transformer operation standards, make changes to specifications, and search for responses to challenges faсed by the industry. The IEEE recommendations are applied by all the reputable manufacturers and users of electrical equipment and electronic products worldwide.

 “At the conference, we discussed very specific technical matters. There are no small points in electrical equipment operation, GlobeCore should be aware of all the latest developments and changes related to transformers. Undoubtedly, our company should be among the attendees of the IEEE events”, Dave Wilson stated.

Whereas GlobeCore manufactures a number of transformer oil purification units, attending the IEEE trade shows and conferences will help them not only soak up the cutting-edge knowledge and be the first to learn about new standards and changes to transformer specifications, but also be included in the list of enterprises the products of which comply with the latest specified standards. In addition, the factory will manage to find new suppliers of equipment components at the IEEE events.

GlobeCore is preparing to attend the next IEEE conferences and trade shows. Thus, the prestige of Poltava enterprise will increase along with the number of customers.