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GlobeCore has put its equipment into operation in the USA

The expansion of presence at the US market is one of the most important GlobeCore goals. Our company benefits from a competitive price and the technical ability to modernize plants and units in accordance with the wishes of customers.

GlobeCore US has recently completed two export agreements for the CMM-6/7 and CMM-10 units. They were purchased by transformers manufacturing enterprises located in different South Carolina towns.

Although we are talking about pieces of equipment, this is important news. After all, the GlobeCore company, unlike its competitors, operates today in difficult everyday and socio-political conditions.

GlobeCore offers customers a wide range of value-added services along with equipment to carve out a niche in the US market. Offline or online launch of equipment, consultations, remote connection for technical support, extension of the warranty period for a year are among them.

GlobeCore designers have learned to adapt the equipment to the wishes of customers due to many years of experience. Our equipment satisfies requests of any complexity, especially for the Industry 4.0 requirements.

Recall that the CMM series units are designed for vacuuming transformers, cleaning their oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases. They are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and quite easy to use. GlobeCore technicians have informed participants of prestigious IEEE PES TRANSFORMERS COMMITTEE conference in the USA about the CMM series plants among other things.

To order this or similar equipment, please contact our managers using one of the contacts in the relevant section of the site.