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Portable oil filter cart CMM-0,6

Filter Cart

Portable oil filter cart CMM-0.6 is designed for cleaning industrial oils with a maximum viscosity of up to 70 cts at a temperature of 50 °C.

During operation, transformer oil is oxidized and contaminated.  Transformer tank with a liquid dielectric accumulates moisture, impurities and gas. They significantly reduce the insulating properties of transformer oil. Oxidation and contamination are typical not only for transformer oil, but also turbine, lubricating and compressor oils.

A continued use of contaminated oil may lead to breakdowns of equipment, downtime, and even accidents in some cases. As a result, the additional funds and resources are used to restore the production.

GlobeCore engineers found a solution to deal with this problem in advance. They developed a filter cart CMM-0.6 for it. It  removes free and dissolved water, mechanical impurities and gas from the insulating, turbine, compressor and lubricating oil.

Thus, the GlobeCore equipment provides reliable operation of electrical and industrial equipment, and also prevents  expenditures on purchases of new oil.

GlobeCore is ready to take into account the individual wishes of the customer when designing filter carts, according to the peculiarities of the customer’s enterprise. Each filter cart is ” custom-made” and delivered to any part of the world. GlobeCore also provides staff training and gives an annual warranty for repairs in the event of a breakdown due to the fault of the manufacturer.

Technical characteristics of the installation

The filter cart CMM-0.6 has the following technical characteristics:

  • Processing rate more than 0.6 m3 / h;
  • Oil heating temperature, max 60 ° C;
  • Filtration fineness  3 … 5 micron;
  • Height of the oil supply to outlet pipe  20 meters;
  • Maximum power consumed  18 kW;
  • Oil heater power 15 kW;
  • Electrical supply 380/220 V;
  • Dimensions (length / height / width) – 1400/700/1700 mm;
  • Weight, max 400 kg;
  • Oil parameters after purification :
  • Dissolved and undissolved water of less than 10 g / t;
  • ISO 4406  purity class is not below- / 14/12 .

Advantages of filter cart CMM – 0.6:

  • Dielectric breakdown voltage increases to 65 kV.
  • Moisture content after one treatment cycle decreases from 100 g / t to 10 g / t.
  • Removes solid particles larger than 5 microns;
  • Prolongs the life of machinery;
  • Compact. Filter cart is capable of working in remote locations;
  • Mobile;
  • Less time for maintenance  and service;
  • Short delivery time;
  • Competitive price;
  • High-quality component parts;
  • No need for utilization of used oil;
  • No need to purchase new oil and to process used oil;
  • Minimizes waste oil pollution of the environment;
  • Energy efficient;

GlobeCore specialists conduct consultations during the start-up and operation of the installation.


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