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Seminar on insulating oils in Mexico

On November 18, 2021, a seminar dedicated to insulating oils was held in Tijuana (Mexico) with 30 representatives of the energy industry in Latin America as attendees.

GlobeCore co-organized this event, and one of the keynote speeches was delivered by our service engineer Jose Mora. During the seminar, various matters related to the use of insulating oils, such as the extension of their service life by purification and regeneration were discussed.

We remind that GlobeCore has developed the technologies for comprehensive processing of insulating oils which include heating, creating a high vacuum, filtration, and using special adsorbents. The practical part of the seminar comprised the introduction of GlobeCore equipment to the attendees through the example of three machines with the capacity of 600 and 4,000 liters per hour.

Purification and regeneration allow extending the service life of insulating oils, saving the money, and enhancing the operation reliability of oil-filled power-generating equipment.

Furthermore, GlobeCore hosts webinars as part of which the relevant matters of transformer maintenance are discussed. You can find a schedule of upcoming webinars and register for participation using this link —