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Separation Method of Oil Purification

Petroleum oil is essential in many industries, performing heat dissipation, lubricating, protective and other functions.  But during operation, they are affected by many negative factors, which include friction, exposure to high temperatures, atmospheric oxygen and mechanical dirt particles.  As a result, the oil begins to lose its properties and can not fully carry out its functions.  Therefore, in practice various industries fall back on purification of contaminated oils, which helps to get rid of previously accumulated impurities.

One of the possible purification methods is separation, which is carried out by means of special devices – separators.  They are divided into two types: open separators and vacuum separators.

In addition to mechanical particles and weighted moisture, vacuum separators also allow removing dissolved moisture and air from oil.  Nature of existing contamination determines the operation method for separators.  It can be either clarification (decoloration) or purification (cleaning).

Clarification is used to separate oil from solids, coal, sludge and water, contained in small amounts.  All removed products are extracted into a special device – drum mud hole.

Purification is used when oil composition is represented by two liquids that differ in their density value.  This makes it possible to separate them from each other by continuous extraction.

Clarification is most commonly used to clean insulating oil.  Clarification is also used in case of turbine oil contamination with mechanical impurities with a small amount of water.  But when water content begins to exceed 0.3%, it is necessary to opt for purification.

In many cases, the use of separators is not justified, because they are energy-intensive devices, and the degree of purification does not always meet current standards and requirements.

GlobeCore oil purifying equipment doesn’t have such shortcomings.  CMM-type stations are designed to purify petroleum oils from mechanical impurities, water and gas.  These plants can be successfully used for installation, maintenance and operation of various oil-filled equipment.

Advantages of GlobeCore СММ-type stations:

  • cleaning of oil to the required operational performance level is carried out using thermal vacuum process in just one cycle;
  • extension of oil service life;
  • various equipment design options (stationary version (in a container, on a frame, under a tent) and mobile version (on wheels, trailer-mounted);
  • ease of maintenance and operation.

Thus, the processes of oil purification presented by GlobeCore company can not only extend the service life of oil in operation, but also save money on purchasing fresh oil products.  The frequency of recycling activities is rapidly declining as well as the size of areas required to store waste oil.


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