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Turbine Oil Peculiarity

The first steam turbine was built in 1883 by the Swedish engineer Laval. The main object of turbines- is the generation of electricity at power plants. Rotation of the turbine is made by means of water, steam, gas, wind or nuclear energy. Turbine oil is considered to be a petroleum and synthetic lubricating oil for turbines and turbo- compressor unit. Turbine oil is used for lubrication and cooling of the bearing of turbines: steam, gas and hydro turbines. Also this kind of oil is used as a hydraulic fluid in circulation and hydraulic systems of different industrial mechanisms.

Lifetime of Turbines

The lifetime of the turbine largely depends on the quality of the base turbine oil, operating conditions – temperature and pressure, oil circulation and filtration, periodicity and quality of maintenance.

Turbine structure

  • Lubrication system of the turbine bearings and turbine generator;
  • Shaft seal system of the turbo generator;
  • Control and protection system of the turbine;
  • Lubrication system of feeding pumps steam turbines;
  • Reception, storage and oil recovery (main and auxiliary oil pumps, oil tank)
  • Oil coolers with respective pipelines form the oil cooling system.

The result of oil contamination

It is important moment that turbine of turbogenerator consist of a special shaft seals. If water penetrates in selaing of the shaft, it becomes damaged and reliability of control systems is decreased. Therefore your oil does need oil purification.

  • Electro erosion of bearing;
  • Wear resistant of pads and the bearing shells;
  • Deteriorating of performance and reduction of turbine oils service life.
  • In case of insufficient lubrication systems cleanliness, class oil purification can deteriorate rapidly (3-4 grade);
  • With an increase in the vibration of turbine unit, valley ejection of oil contamination is going on towards the bearings of turbines and turbo-generators.

What kinds of treatment are used in power plants?

To maintain the quality of lubrication oil during operation at power plants, different type of equipment is used as:

  • Hydro dynamical washing
  • Rinsing of the oil system with water chemical liquor
  • Use of oil filtration equipment to remove traces of moisture from the oil.

But, the most rational kind of oil treatment is considered to be – equipment for cleaning of lubrication oil from moisture. For this purpose, ideal is GlobeCore’s lubrication oil filtration units CMM-4T, CMM-1,2T, CMM, 0,6.

Transformer Oil

Transformer oil serves as liquid insulation of the components in electrical power transformer, protecting of solid insulation against moisture ingress as well as cooling medium to remove heat from the winding wires.

Types and structure of transformers oil

Transformer oil is fraction made of purified crude oil, obtained by the distillation, boiling at from 300 ° C to 400 ° C. Depending on the origin of crude oil, oil  has different properties and these distinctive properties affect the properties of the oil. Oil has a complex structure of hydrocarbon molecules with an average weight of 220-340 AU, and contains the following main components.

  1. Paraffin based transformer oil
  2. Naphtha based transformer oil


 Paraffins  10-15%


 Naphthyl or cycloparaffins  60-70%


 Aromatics  15-20%


 Asphalt resinous substance  2.1%


 Sulphur compounds  < 1%


 Nitrogen Compounds  < 0.8 %


 Naphthenic acid  < 0.02 %


Antioxidant additives ( ionol ) 0.2-0.5 %

General properties of transformers oil

Dielectric strength of transformer oil or breakdown voltage oil is mainly determined by presence of fiber and water in oil, so that the mechanical impurities and water must be completely absent. The measurement is simple: breakdown voltage is measured by electrician every day, when two electrodes immersed in the oil. There shall be a sparking in the gap between these two electrodes. If value of breakdown voltage is low it denotes the presence of moisture in the oil. As the rehabilitation for your oil, GlobeCore’s oil purifiers increase breakdown voltage in full extent

Dielectric dissipation factor or tan delta of transformer oil is criterion for detection of general condition of insulation in transformer. It is used to know the losses in isolation of transformers. Increase of tan delta value gives signals about a humidity of transformer insulation, air inclusions in bushing, sludging of winding.
Therefore, insulating oil must be properly dried, decontaminated and degassed. Your transformers life may be prolonged using GlobeCore’s oil purification systems.

What is Transmission Oil and What Does it Do?

Transmission oils are used in gear boxes and steering gears of various vehicles, including cars and trucks, buses, a special equipment, diesel locomotives as well as in industry for worm gears and gear reducers. Transmission oil lubricates the gearbox, resulting in a smooth and comfortable run. Transmission oil helps to keep the gears and transmission systems in perfect working order. It’s recommended to change your gear oil every 50,000 to 100,000 miles to help prolong the life of your gearbox. Transmission oil has a high viscosity for better protection of the gears.

Features of Transmission oil

  • Transmission oil is highly viscous.
  • The main feature of the oil is – a strong oily film, which is formed at the points of friction of parts and is capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • This oil is not for height operation temperatures. If oil gets temperature regime, which exceeds 150 degrees Celsius, the oil burns out.

The main functions of transmission oil:

  • It removes heat, which arises from friction;
  • Reduces noise level;
  • Prevents rapid wear of components.
  • Waste-free and non-toxic

GlobeCore’s oil purifiers are capable to purify a viscous transmission oil with special series of oil purifiers CMM-T. It’s time to get with the Oil Filtration Process, The GlobeCore’s Process!