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Vacuum Model UVD-4

Vacuum Model UVD-4, manufactured by GlobeCore, is used for topping off oil into high-voltage transformer bushings and circuit breakers. It is also used for preparing the transformer for its initial operation, degasing, storage and transporting to power plants, substations and other power and industrial plant locations.

With the UVD-4 piston design, oil filling is performed in a manner to prevent the in-flow of outside air. Among the main requirements for placing new oil into your equipment, it is important to point out the need to have a machine fully capable of processing your oils and fluids to include drying and filtration. In addition to drying and filtration, many machines do not perform de-gassing. The GlobeCore UVD-4 however, is capable of performing transformer oil de-gassing. The UVD-4 models include a degassing block, refill capability and a vacuum pump.

The Oil Preparation unit is designed to hold up to 30L/7.4gls of fluid. All units are mounted on a common frame.Let us now discuss in more detail the process of how the model UVD-4 operates.Transformer oil is poured into the preparation tank and subjected to vacuuming for four (4) hours. This four (4) hour time period is required to extract dissolved gas in the oil which must be removed before the oil is permitted to begin its service life the transformer or other oil filled equipment. After completion of the degassing stage, the transformer insulating oil may begin its service life in the transformer. The “Topping-Off Block” is connected via a long flexible hose 10m/11yds in length. The pump sends the oil flowing though the refill block into the power block. The process of oil refilling done by UVD-4 can be compared to that of an ordinary syringe. The Pump generates the necessary pressure that essentially injects the oil into the oil-filled units.Topping off of oil can be portioned into small quantities of between 0.5-2.0L/.1-4.2 pints.

Model UVD-4 can be used for degassing or preparation of transformer oil, storage, transportation and refilling. Model effectively performs its functions in each of these modes. Among the many benefits of the GlobeCore UVD-4, the most important ones are mobility, versatility and high level of transformer oil degassing. Without a doubt, your company needs to have this kind of equipment for your transformer maintenance requirements. The benefits of acquiring the UVD-4 for your maintenance needs are clear. Investing in a highly productive unit with the possibility of preparation and storage of transformer oils as well as performing a number of other functions in addition to its primary purpose. GlobeCore specializes in producing products that have a rare combination of low price and versatile functionality at the international and domestic levels.


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