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Industrial Oil Purification Unit СММ-2.2LT

СММ-2,2LT unit is designed for thermal vacuum drying, filtration of industrial oils used in lubrication, sealing, hydraulic control systems of gas turbine and gas pumping units, gas engine compressors, and in transformers, as well as for removal of mechanical impurities and water from those oils.

In addition, the unit may be used for heating and drying the oil-filled electrical devices with hot transformer oil.

Principle of operation

The oil driven by vacuum passes through a coarse filter with the filtration fineness of 200 microns after which it gets inside a vacuum tank where a heater is located. Rising from bottom to top, the oil heats up and gets into the other part of the chamber through a special channeled lid coming directly to special fillers. Next, the oil flows down the fillers, while the moisture vapor and gases are removed from the oil by vacuum. Then, the oil is pumped out through two fine filters from the tank bottom to the unit outlet. The filtration fineness of the filters can be selected at 5, 3, 1, or 0.3 microns.

Design features

The heater is located inside the vacuum tank which made it possible to reduce the unit size and to diminish the heat losses when heating the oil.

The oil is sucked into the vacuum chamber due to the underpressure generated by a vacuum system. A new layout has been applied to the rest of the unit components. All of these innovations have yielded good results in terms of small equipment dimensions.



1. Capacity, m3/h (gpm), not less than

– in thermal vacuum drying and filtration mode


2.* Processed oil parameters (in several passes):

– total gas content, %, not more than


– oil moisture mass content, g/t (ppm), not more than


– industrial purity class of ISO 4406


3. Max output oil temperature, ºС (ºF)


4. Output pressure, bar (psi)


5. Oil heater power, kW, not more than


6. Max power requirement, kW, not more than


7. Electric current parameters

– voltage, V


– AC with frequency, Hz


– number of phases


8. Dimensions, mm (in), not more than

– length


– width


– height


9. Weight, kg, not more than


Note: *At initial parameters of oil:

  • volumetric gas content — not more than 10.5%;
  • moisture mass content — not more than 0.005% (50 g/t);
  • temperature — not lower than 0ºС
  • when the oil passes through the unit multiple times.

  • compactness;
  • mobility;
  • ease of control;
  • the purpose of use is to purify various industrial oils of turbine, hydraulic, compressor, and other types


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