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Turbine Oil Purifier

Turbine oil is produced from refined crude oil distillates and is used as a lubricant in bearings and gears of hydro and gas turbine assemblies. It also serves in various industrial equipment. High quality product oxidizes slowly, does not form sludge and is resistant to corrosion formation. To improve the quality, additives are mixed into the refined oil:

  • anti-oxidation;
  • anti-corrosion;
  • depressants (to lower the pumping temperature and improve flow rates at lower temperatures);
  • viscosity (to increase oil viscosity).

If the oil does become contaminated during operation, it can be restored using special equipment. Using contaminated material is not recommended, since it can cause serious damage to turbine parts and damage the shaft regulation system. Poor quality oil reduces turbine operation efficiency in 20-25% of cases.

Turbine Oil Purification Methods

Among the physical and chemical methods of turbine oil purifier, filtration and centrifuging are considered the most efficient. Centrifuging is the separation of non-homogeneous mixtures into fractions by centrifugal forces. The amount of impurities after such processing does not exceed 0.005 % by weight, while moisture content is reduced to 0.6 %.
Turbine oil filtration is the process of removing particulate matter from used oil by passing the oil through meshes and porous media. Filters are commonly made of metal, plastic, paper, fabric, ceramics etc.

Filtering Turbine Oil with GlobeCore Equipment

GlobeCore units are designed to purify and filter transformer, industrial, turbine and other types of oil. The CMM-4T unit is designed specifically for turbine oil filtration.

The unit filters the oil and processes it under vacuum. Processed oil is taken by the input pump through the coarse filter into the vacuum chamber, after which it passes into the vacuum chamber, where the partial pressure of moisture drops and the moisture evaporates. The oil passes through a fine filter and is pumped out of the unit.

The CMM-4T has the capacity to process 4 m3/hour, achieving the following specifications:

  • Moisture content – less than 10 ppm;
  • Filtration – 5 micron;
  • Particulate matter content – below 10 ppm;
  • Oil ISO 4406 purity class – -/14/12.

This unit can process turbine oil with viscosity below 280 mm2/sec at 50oC.

Turbine Oil Application and Purifation

Turbine oil is a lubrication and cooling material commonly used in turbine assemblies, turbine compressors, steam and gas turbines. The oil can be of mineral or synthetic origin.

The main quality parameters of turbine oil are:

  • Viscosity corresponding to operation temperature;
  • Resistance to oxidation;
  • Demulsifying and water resistance;
  • Long service life;
  • Resistance to foam formation.

During long term operation, the metal parts and components of turbine equipment are influenced by air, water and high temperature. Oxidized turbine oil gradually changes color from red to black and develops an unpleasant odor. Sludge forms in the oil, acidity grows, along with corrosion, foaming and formation of emulsions. The lubricant becomes unusable.

Turbine oil purifier

There are many ways to purify contaminated turbine oil, but the most efficient ones are centrifugal, filtration and adsorption processes.

The first method is based on the action of centrifugal forces to separate water and other impurities from the substance.

Filtration involves separation of impurities not soluble in oil when the oil passes through filters. Paper, cardboard, fabric, felt etc are commonly used as filtration media.

Combined turbine oil purifier often involves press-filter and centrifuge processing.

The third common method is adsorption. Adsorbents capture and hold low molecular and organic acids as well as other impurities from the oil.

GlobeCore turbine oil purifier

Used turbine oil can be purified using special equipment. GlobeCore manufactures the CMM-4T unit for heating and filtration of turbine oil.

СММ-4Т is equipped with oil input and output pump, a vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump, coarse and fine filters and a control cabinet. The unit is installed in a container on a trailer. It is compact and mobile; the unit can be towed to the turbine by automobile.

Turbine oil purifier in the GlobeCore unit is performed with vacuum treatment for higher degree of purification. Beside particulate matter, the process removes solved water and gases from the oil. The equipment operates at the rate of 4 m³/hour with materials with viscosity below 280 cSt at 50 0C.


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