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Wind Energy – Perfect Alternative Technologies

Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of alternative sources for human livelihood. Scientists found out that it has the lowest impact on the greenhouse effect. Wind technology doesn’t demand use of a large number of exhaustible resources. They don’t cause environmental damage as roughly as other energy providers, such as fossil fuel plants. So it is the best solution to save environment and use energy in the most efficient way.

History of Wind Energy

First wind energy technologies were used many centuries ago. Earliest recorded wind technologies were boats in Egypt 5000 B.C. Windmills were used in China for water pumping. In time of ancient Greek and Alexandria was created a windwheel by  mathematician and engineer who is known as Hero of Alexandria.

To be more specific, the first automatic wind turbine was built in 1887 in Cleveland by Charles F. Brush (see on the picture below). It had parameters of 18 m in height and produced power in 12 kW.

Next stage in development of wind turbines was active introduction of an ever-increasing number of new machines in everyday life. There were 2500 windmills in Denmark by 1900 that produced combined 30 MW of power. By the 30th- 50th years of XX century impressive results of wind generators development were gained in the USA, USSR, United Kingdom. So we can see that interest and actuality of wind energy technologies development is not something new in humans science.

Nowadays, wind turbine technologies are common for almost every country in the world. Wind energy appeared to be the most competitive and powerful alternative source.

Electricity Producing Process with Wind

Electrical power can be produced with the help of wind. Wind stations convert kinetic energy into electrical. Generally modern wind turbines use the simple principle of windmill and also include generator. Blades and rotor turn around under the influence of the wind and force generator to create electrical energy

Wind is the kinetic energy of the air in motion. Total wind energy formula looks like this:

However, total wind power is not possible to collect with existing technologies. By physical law it is possible only if the wind velocity is reduced to zero. Practically, it is impossible.

Using the concept of stream tube, the maximal achievable extraction of wind power by a wind turbine is 59% of the total theoretical wind power (see: Betz’ law).

Further wind power reduces through rotor blade friction, gearbox, generator and converter losses.

Wind Energy Efficiency

Conservation of mass requires that the amount of air entering and exiting a turbine must be equal. Accordingly, Betz’s law gives the maximal achievable extraction of wind power by a wind turbine as 59.3% of the total wind energy.  If the effective area of the disk is A, and the wind velocity v, the maximum theoretical power output P is

where ρ is the air density.

Wind is a free resource, so the main aspect impacting the final price of wind power is wind-to-rotor efficiency (including rotor blade friction and drag). Wind turbine demands reasonable and careful treatment.

To protect components from wear, extracted power is usually held constant above the rated operating speed. Nevertheless, parts pass through frictions, so they need proper control and care.

Efficiency can decrease by number of factors. One of the main reasons are dust particles and insect. Over time, system alters because of external pollutants. Not only parts of housing are important, but also gearbox oil. It requires constant service.

GlobeCore Wind Turbines service

Modern wind turbines service equipment make possible to carry out different operations automatically. GlobeCore offers machines, that can maintain wind turbine for less them 1 hour.

There are CMM-G and CMM-GL machines that can:

  • extract oil from a gearbox;
  • fill in turbine with new oil
  • filter gearbox oil

This plants are mobile and easy in transportation and control in a process. System can automatically correct the flow of oil. It also has a smart heating controll GlobeCore gearbox oil machines have touch panels that are easy to manage.

GlobeCore company supports development of high industrial technologies. Its idea to make easier maintenance of energy producing technologies and make them safe for environment.