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Disintegrator Machine

Disintegrator machine from GlobeCore

A disintegrator is a type of crushing equipment used for fine grinding of materials. Such machines are widely used in the following industries:

  • mining;
  • chemical;
  • building;
  • food.

Specifically, in the building industry this equipment crushes cement, sand, clay and other bulk materials, which are used for preparation of building mixtures. Depending on the grinding efficiency, disintegrator machine are divided into:

  • milling (low power);
  • grinding (medium power);
  • fine grinding (high power).

A disintegrator comprises of two shafts, which are driven by an electric motor. Each shaft is equipped with a rotor with impact rods (finger-beats). Rotors rotate in the opposite direction to each other and are placed in such a way that the finger circles of impact rods enter inside the operating zone of  the other. In the grinding process: the material for crushing is fed into the operating zone  with rotating impact elements. There, the finger-beats of the rotors, which rotate in different directions crush the material. The crushed product is unloaded into a receiving container. Beater rods are permanently affected by mechanical action, therefore, they are made of hard alloys to prolong their service life. Depending on the types of ground materials, the beats have different cross-sections:

  • triangle;
  • rectangle;
  • circle;
  • polyhedron.

Since the fine grinding disintegrators do not separate the foreign non-crushed particles from the material, a magnet is installed at the input funnel to extract metal particles from the processed material. This prevents damage to the internal parts of the machine.

Disintegrator machine from GlobeCore

GlobeCore offers AVS-100 (AVS-150) – an alternative for a fine grinding disintegrator. It is a universal equipment, which mixes and grinds the material equally well. An AVS operation is based on using the influence of electromagnetic field to grind substances. This electromagnetic vortex layer unit is equipped with a control panel and a cooling system. Inside the inductor there is a operating chamber made of non-magnetic material. It contains ferromagnetic particles (0.5 – 5 mm in diameter and 5-60 mm in length). Depending on the capacity of the operating zone, their number varies from tens to several hundred. Depending on the design, the vortex layer apparatus can process heterogeneous and liquid-phase materials, which results in homogeneous product with long-term stability without separation. This way AVS-100 (AVS-150) can replace a fine grinding disintegrator. This electromagnetic vortex layer unit perfectly copes with grinding fluoroplastics, coal, ore, sand, clay, cement and other materials for the preparation of mixtures. Easy in operation and compact this GlobeCore unit can easily be integrated into a existing production line.  AVS are standard -100 and -150 models, but you can order a custom made model, choosing the additional features.


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