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Restore Oil – Industrial oil restoration

Restore Oil

Industrial oils usually get contaminated and oxidized. So it’s important to know, how you can restore oil. The mechanisms always need proper heat dissipation, insulation and also lubrication of bearings and gearboxes in turbines of power plants.

How to Restore Oil?

To restore oil and rejuvenate it to the original properties and parameters you need to work for special changes during operation. The changes depend on the type of oil and its purpose. They can be: color, viscosity, acid number, electrical strength, dielectric loss tangent, etc.

Oil restoring starts with oil sampling and analysis, that determine the following restore process.

Then the samples have to pass the process, that is based on special filters usage or technologies that include required adsorbents.

Oil Restoration Process

Industrial oil restoration

There are different types of industrial oils that you can restore through different methods.

All the groups of oils generally can be devided into organic, myneral and synthetic:

  • Organic oils – mostly consist of plant origin (rapeseed, jatropha etc.)
  • Myneral oils – petroleom product, that is the most common in world industry
  • Synthetic oils – chemical materials (silicon, polyester, fluorohydrocarbon and others)

There is also adaptation for specific areas.

Transformer oils

Basic function of oils in transformers is system insulation and cooling.

Transformer oil must correspond to such parameters as:

  • high dielectric strength;
  • thermal conductivity;
  • chemical stability.

So it is always an issue to keep transformer filling in an ideal state. Different chemical and physical interactions cause accumulation of malign contaminants.

This negative сloging processes are also provoked by high temperatures. In the same time oil deterioration leads to even more intensive heating and as a result equipment failure.

Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic oil is a special fluid, which is commonly based on mineral oil or water. Application of hydraulic oils is usually backhoes, hydraulic brakes, transmissions and so on.

The main functions of hydraulic oil:

  • power steering;
  • lubrication;
  • pump efficiency;
  • transformer heating.

It can also be used with some extra applications as extreme temperatures or fire resistance.

Turbine oils

Primary turbine oil application areas are power generation of different types: thermal, water, wind turbines etc. Also turbine oils are common for manufacturing and services.

The turbine oils doubtless need attentive maintenance. So the turbines will not work properly without oil restore or changing.

Industrial oils are restored through physical, chemical and physicochemical processes:

  • Physical methods are sedimentation, centrifugation, filtration, evaporation.
  • Physico-chemical methods include selective purification, ion-exchange purification, coagulation and adsorption.
  • Chemical methods are sulfuric acid purification and hydrogenation. None of these approaches can be considered effective enough.

They show different results depending on oil state. Therefore, in practice, they are combined to obtain better results.

GlobeCore Restore Oil equipment

Based on accumulated experience, GlobeCore specialists found out the equipment that restores industrial oils directly on-site.

CMM-R passes oil through thermal vacuum treatment to remove water and gases, then filtrationthat removes mechanical impurities, and finally detains the oil aging products.

CMM-R unit

There is a regeneration and restore oil system, that uses sorbents. During the restore oil process the fliud inside is clearified in virtue of the unique physical and chemical processes, designed by GlobeCore.

The restore oil plant CMM-R can be connected to an energized or de-energized transformer. In such connection the oil circulates in a loop between a transformer and an oil unit: with oil flow washing away the contamination, which would normally remain in transformer after draining and refilling.

Thus, the process of oil restoration lasts until the oil is fully restored and does not contain harmful impurities.

You should pay attention to treat this mechanism poperly. During operation avoide entry of oxigen inside system. It is also important to change filtrating element regularly!

CMM-T unit

Specially for turbine oil restoration, GlobeCore developed the CMM-T plant. Correctly chosen frequency of cleaning allows to reduce the number of failures and breakages in the turbine oil system by 20-25% .

A machine has its unique methode. It uses vacuum pump and filteres, that are designed as well for rough and subtle cleaning.

This restore oil plant has its particular features and has easy control system as the other GlobeCore inventions.

The energy industry cannot afford the failure of a transformer or a turbine which leads to large financial losses. Therefore, it is advisable to perform all maintenance activities for these devices, including oil restoration. This will help to save money, improve reliability of power equipment  and extend their service life.