CMM-1H Oil Processing Unit

máquina de filtrado de aceite dieléctrico

The СММ-1Н unit is designed for drying1Drying is a process of water removal from transformer oil., heating2Oil heating is used for treatment of oil in degassing, drying and regeneration machines to accelerate the process. Dehydration is based on the difference of water and oil boiling points. Since water boiling point is lower, heating can evaporate that water from the oil before the boiling point of oil is achieved. and filtration3Oil Filtration is a partial removal of solid particles through filter medium. Oil filtration systems generally use a multistage filtration with coarse and fine filters. Centrifugation is separation of oil and water, or oil and solid particles by centrifugal forces. of mineral transformer oil4Transformer oil is an oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties., as well as evacuation of transformer5A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits. tanks.

The process is based on application of heat and vacuum6Vacuum is space devoid of matter. An approximation to such vacuum is a region with a gaseous pressure much less than atmospheric pressure.. The oil is heated and pumped to the vacuum chamber. The low pressure in the chamber makes the water in the oil boil and evaporate. The water vapor is removed with vacuum pump exhaust.

The СММ-1Н unit consists of the following elements: a frame, a centrifugal oil pump (output), a vacuum pump7A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum., an electrical control cabinet, a vacuum chamber, filters8Filter is a device which separates solids from fluids (liquids or gases) by adding a medium through which only the fluid can pass., an oil trap, piping, an instrument panel, an oil inlet and an oil outlet.




1 Capacity, m3/hour, max
  • oil drying mode


2 *Processed oil parameters:
  • moisture content, ppm, max


  • ISO 4406 purity class


3 Max oil temperature at outlet in heating mode, С


4 Outlet pressure, bar


5 Oil heater power, kW, max


6 Max power requirement, kW


7 Power supply:
  • Voltage, V


  • Frequency, Hz


8 Dimensions, mm
  • length


  • height


  • width


9 Empty weight , kg, max


*Note – Initial oil quality parameters:

  • gas content: below 10.5 %;
  • moisture content: below 0.01 % (100 ppm);
  • temperature: above 0 °С.

  • the unit is equipped with a centrifugal output pump to reduce noise;
  • the unit does not have an input pump, the oil goes directly into the unit with reduced risk of leaks;
  • simple operation;
  • a porous inset in the vacuum chamber facilitates efficient moisture separation;
  • the smart heating system varies current for the required processing rate, eliminating voltage surges;
  • a water condensate collection container is installed;
  • the unit features a separate outlet for transformer evacuation.


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