Cmm – 6/7 Mobile Degassing Unit

Option Menu

Base machine
Climatic option
Explosion protection
Control type
Operation with energized transformer
Flow rate regulation
Moisture sensor
ТSS transformer oil level monitoring system
Control interface language
Heater type
Filter contaminant holding capacity
Nominal filtration
Coalescing filters for water removal
Seal material
Enclosure design
Oil meter
Vacuum sensor
Voltmeter/ammeter on control panel
Control cabinet heater
Control cabinet air conditioner
Visual flow indicator
Power cable reel
Hose reel
Extended accessory compartment
Laser particle counter
Power cable
Type of cable connection to the unit
Type of cable connection to the power outlet
Input hose
Output hose
Vacuum hose
Spare parts kit
Fire extinguishing
Auxiliary vacuum section
Cold trap
Water removal sorbent columns
Fuller’s earth columns
Dielectric strength lab meter
Acidity lab meter
KF lab moisture meter
Dissipation factor lab meter
Interfacial tension lab meter

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